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Dr. Ed Love

The mission of the marketing program is to provide education in marketing by enabling undergraduates and MBAs to become critical thinkers and gain the ability to manage firms and organizations in the public interest and in a global context. We originate research and serve our college, university, and society at large with professional expertise.

The IMC class gathered in front of the white board.

Post created by Glory Burford
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

After my time as a content creator and then a product manager, this quarter marked my first time taking on a more ‘big-picture’ kind of role as the director of operations for the integrated marketing communications class. Keep reading to learn more about the lessons I learned this quarter!

a person juggling multiple tasks that all need to get done

Post created by Rebecca Andrews
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

In this blog post I walk through my experiences in managing others, and I discuss the key lessons I have learned. Additionally, I relate this key lessons to being able to effectively and successfully manage a team. 

Personal Creative Brief Cover

Post Created by Steinar Mikkelson, Applied IMC, Spring, 2023

IMC has taught me so much about marketing and life. Here are some lessons learned!

Advice to a Managing Director

Post created by Rebecca Andrews
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

A man using ASL during his video conference and a women texting on a smartphone with the title "Social Media Accessibility, A Deep Dive into Inclusive Design"

Accessibility is about creating a digital experience that diverse people with varying abilities can utilize. Accessibility allows people to have an enjoyable user experience that more states are requiring accessibility by law. So why not get ahead of the curve and design experiences that are easier for your user and positively impact your brand?

Post created by Rebecca Andrews
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

The phrase "Staying On Track" with a graphic of a lightbulb.

As students, creating for a client is uncharted territory. With it comes challenges, a major one being fulfilling the client's marketing objectives. Read on to discover how content creators and product managers can ask themselves a few key questions to help spark necessary dialogue and accomplish their goals.

Posted by Makenna Miner, Applied IMC, Spring 2023