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Dr. Ed Love

The mission of the marketing program is to provide education in marketing by enabling undergraduates and MBAs to become critical thinkers and gain the ability to manage firms and organizations in the public interest and in a global context. We originate research and serve our college, university, and society at large with professional expertise.

wwu marketing holiday mixer career launch

The Career Launch and Holiday Mixer, held annually for Western Marketing Students and Alumni, provides an opportunity to establish new connections as they get ready to kickstart their post-college careers.

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Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies to promote products and services. It involves various digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and mobile apps to connect with potential customers and individuals interested in products or services.

Digital marketing allows for personalized communication and the ability to track campaign performance, making it a vital aspect of business and brand awareness in today's digital age.

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Brand management is about meaning. A brand is more than just a name and a logo: brands must be carefully created, astutely managed, and judiciously leveraged if they are to thrive. A brand is something that is important to people and provides value to them. Religion is a brand, athletes are a brand, and you are a brand. By taking MKTG 475 - Brand Management, students will practice building a personal brand as well as learn how to establish brand identity and equity to attract and maintain customers, which will increase their customer lifetime value. This course will help individuals connect their brand with their customer base!


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Marketing 499, or ‘People and Money’, is a discussion-based class where students learn about Price, one of the four P’s in the marketing mix. Marketing 499 is the only elective that covers the price element and is often thought of the least by students.

The IMC class gathered in front of the white board.

Post created by Glory Burford
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

After my time as a content creator and then a product manager, this quarter marked my first time taking on a more ‘big-picture’ kind of role as the director of operations for the integrated marketing communications class. Keep reading to learn more about the lessons I learned this quarter!

a person juggling multiple tasks that all need to get done

Post created by Rebecca Andrews
Applied IMC (Spring Quarter 2023)

In this blog post I walk through my experiences in managing others, and I discuss the key lessons I have learned. Additionally, I relate this key lessons to being able to effectively and successfully manage a team. 

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