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Dr. Ed Love

The mission of the marketing program is to provide education in marketing by enabling undergraduates and MBAs to become critical thinkers and gain the ability to manage firms and organizations in the public interest and in a global context. We originate research and serve our college, university, and society at large with professional expertise.

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The Marketing Journey: Where the Results are Success

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The Marketing Journey: A weekly blog update from IMC (Winter 2023)

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Last Fall for my integrated marketing communications course at WWU, I started developing my personal professional brand, complete with a creative strategy and a professional website. Read this blog to learn more about my process of finding my brand elements! 

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Applied IMC (Winter 2023)

Lessons Learned as a Product Manager

After 3 months as a Product Manager in Applied Marketing Communications, I am walking through what went well, what I could improve and actions to improve for the future. 

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Applied IMC (Winter 2023)