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Integrated Marketing Communications — MKTG 483

Taught by: Dan Purdy

This one-of-a-kind, nontraditional marketing class encourages students to take the reins and create content for a real-life client while simultaneously gaining confidence to be their authentic selves and share what they create.

4 students looking at and writing on a whiteboard, having a collaborative discussion.

Digital Marketing — MKTG 476

Taught by: Mark Staton 

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Digital Marketing! From harnessing the power of big data through Google Analytics to drive marketing research, to strategizing engaging social media campaigns and using search engines to your advantage, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing mix.

Professor Mark Staton speaking in front of a whiteboard.

People & Money — MKTG 499

Taught by: Cat Armstrong-Soule

People & Money is a unique class that you won’t find at any other college! It looks at prices and money through psychological and behavioral lenses. You’ll get to dive deeper into consumer behavior and better understand pricing as a consumer and a professional!

Professor Cat Armstrong Soule standing and smiling at the camera.

Marketing Internship — MKTG 480

Taught by: Cat Armstrong-Soule

The Department of Finance and Marketing at Western Washington University offers a 'Practicum' or 'Internship' Program that enables students to acquire hands-on experience in a professional work environment as an integral component of their academic program.

Professor Cat Armstrong Soule

International Marketing Management — MTKG 486

Taught by: Farrokh Safavi 

The curriculum covers essential skills in accounting, operations management (particularly supply chain), economics, and statistics, enabling students to navigate International marketing with profitability in mind. Furthermore, students will gain a broader perspective on marketing that extends beyond national borders, enhancing their ability to engage in dimensional marketing practices.

Professor Safavi

Sustainable Marketing — MKTG 474

Taught By: Sara Baskentli

This course will provide students with the skills for developing and marketing a sustainable product. It will cover key concepts and tools related to marketing mix decisions, such as product design-for-environment, pricing based on full cost accounting, the greening of the supply chain, and life cycle impact assessment. Strategies for reducing the environmental impacts of products and services will be emphasized.

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Branding - MKTG 475

Taught By: Tejvir Sekhon

Brand management is about meaning. A brand is more than just a name and a logo: brands must be carefully created, astutely managed, and judiciously leveraged if they are to thrive. A brand is something that is important to people and provides value to them. Religion is a brand, athletes are a brand, and you are a brand. By taking MKTG 475 - Brand Management, students will practice building a personal brand as well as learn how to establish brand identity and equity to attract and maintain customers, which will increase their customer lifetime value.

Professor Tejvir Sekhon smiling for the camera