Finance Internships

Finance Internships

Real Life Experiences With Real Businesses

An internship or apprenticeship in finance is an excellent way for a student to gain practical experience in a professional, finance-related work setting. By completing an internship as part of your academic program, you are able to apply the skills learned in class to a real-life situation.

An internship or apprenticeship is a valuable way to gain professional experience while still benefiting from the mentoring and educational relationships available in college. They are an excellent way to introduce yourself to employers and gain valuable experience to list on your resume.


Your internship will consist of several steps including:

  1. Policy and Guidelines 
  2. Interim Reports
  3. Daily or Weekly Journal
  4. Supervisor Evaluation
  5. Final Internship Report
  6. Faculty Evaluation

Full details of the apprenticeship or internship components can be found in the Policy and Guidelines

To be eligible for a finance internship, students must first complete FIN 341 and FIN 440.


Finding an Internship
As with all business, your connections are critical and the best way to find internships is through networking. The Financial Management Association (FMA) at Western is an excellent way to connect with fellow students as well as employers in the area. Membership in the FMA provides several benefits including:

  • Career and internship information
  • Networking with employers
  • Guest speakers

Other resources include:


The specific requirements for your internship are outlined in the course syllabus which serves as your course contract. In general, to be considered for credit, the internship must involve a significant learning experience in the practical application of of the academic finance coursework.

This learning experience should consist of no more than 10% clerical or selling/sales work and you must complete all the requirements as noted in the syllabus .




Employers and Recruiting
Would you like to hire a Western Finance student for an internship or apprenticeship? There are several ways to get in contact with our excellent students:

You can also get in touch with students directly through the 
Financial Management Association.