Welcome to the Department of Finance and Marketing

Useful documents to have on hand

  • A Plan of Study for your concentration
  • General University Requirement (GUR) checklist form
  • Your Transfer Equivalency Report


Please take some time to complete the following checklist. Talk to your faculty advisor or the
Department Manager if you have questions.

  • Review your transfer equivalency report. Did all your classes transfer over properly?
  • Complete your GUR requirement checklist based off your transfer equivalency report. If you have a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) you will not need to take any GURs at WWU and do not need to complete this step.
  • Read the Plan of Study and fill out all of your completed courses by following the directions on the form. You must read this document carefully and understand it fully!
  • Determine if you can apply as a pre-major (you have not completed all Foundation Courses) or a full major (you have you taken all Foundation Courses). Both pre-major and full major students can register during the first phase of registration. Only full major students can register for concentration courses.
  • Apply to be a CBE major.
  • Look at the classes we offer on ClassFinder.
  • Using ClassFinder, your transfer equivalency report, and your Plan of Study decide on the courses you want to take next fall, winter, and spring. Pay attention to prerequisites.

Common Questions & Concerns

Check to see if your classes are listed on the transfer course equivalency guide. If they are not listed, you will need to fill out the transfer equivalency request form.

Yes – You can either take the math placement test or take your math requirements here
at Western.

Yes – You can either enroll in the free MIS test-out exam or register to take the two
credit MIS 220 course here at Western.

Many students choose to complete minors. They can be helpful to either to gain a
specific skill set or to ensure you have the 180 total credits and 90 non-business credits
that are required when you graduate.

Yes – You can track your graduation progress on Degree Works in Web4U.

GPA Requirements

To apply as a pre-major you need a 2.50 all-college level GPA and a 2.50 WWU GPA. You must maintain a 2.50 GPA to become a full major.

You will be dropped from CBE if you have below a 2.50 GPA. We do give you a one quarter warning to bring up your GPA.

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