Financial Economics Major

Economic Analysis & Financial Problem Solving

The financial economics degree provides an understanding of core economic concepts and the functioning of the economy and financial markets. An emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills to apply economic and financial analysis in problem solving resulting in rigorous training in economic and financial theory and applications.

Detailed Program of Study

Professor drawing an economics graph on a whiteboard

Why Financial Economics

Finance and economics complement one another in a number of ways and studying these two fields in combination can be especially beneficial to students who would like to work in corporate finance, financial analysis, insurance and real estate, or in government positions.

Declaring This Combined Major

Students apply using the CBE Application. Students must have a 2.5 overall GPA including all previous college work. Once students have completed the economics application process they will need to contact Professor Earl Benson from the Finance department to be coded as a Financial Economics major. He can be emailed at: