Current Economics Majors

Advising for Enrolled Students

Congratulations you've declared an economics major in the College of Business and Economics. Now that you've gotten this far you need to plan your next steps. Now that you've gotten this far you need to:

  • Plan your course of study
  • Register for courses
  • Apply for graduation

Advising Topics

1. Plan of Study

Your first job as a new economics major is to plan your course of study. These plans will help you define your objectives and they will also help us to plan the course schedule so that most students can get the classes they want. 

Plans of Study - Economics Majors


2. Registration

As a new student registration can be intimidating. We're here to help you through the process and assist you in getting the classes you want so you can graduate on time. To help you through this process please see the CBE registration page.


3. Internship

Internships can be rewarding in many ways. As it is becomes harder and harder to apply for a job with only a college degree in this competitive economy, most companies are now looking for people with real world experience. Download the File INTERNSHIP GUIDELINESfor more information.


4. Senior Evaluation Procedures - Applying for Graduation

Congratulations! You've excelled in your classes and are almost ready to graduate. Be sure to submit your graduation paperwork at least two quarters prior to your final quarter. If you are graduating in June you will need to submit your paperwork before the end of fall quarter. Deadlines are listed on the Degree Application found on the Registrar's website.

About one month before applying for graduation, you should contact the department manager, and send the following documentation: 


The Department Manager will review the documentation and approve your evaluation pending completion of required courses in Degree Works. If you have a combined major you will also need the approval of the combined major department(s). Once all approvals are noted in degree works you will submit the Degree Application to the Registrar's Office by email at

5. Student Petition Form 
For students requesting to petition a grade or a course substitution please use the following form: Student Petition Department of Economics

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