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Pre-Major Advising

Interested in a CBE Major?

Three Things to do Now:

1. Email for an advising appointment here. No time for an in-person appointment? Email with your W# and your questions.

2. Review the Foundation and Core Course Planning Sheet: Foundation Core Course Planning Sheet

3. Declare your pre-major as soon as you can (see qualifications and online declaration forms here).

College of Business and Economics FAQs

How do I learn about the different majors and minors the College of Business and Economics offers?

Visit this web page.

How do I know who my Advisor is?

Check Degree Works for your listed Advisor.

How can I have courses from another college evaluated for transfer credit?

The Admissions Office maintains a list of Washington State community college and universities transfer equivalencies for foundation courses.

If you'd like other courses evaluated, please complete the transfer equivalency request form linked on this web page. Be sure to attach a syllabus and a course description for each course you would like to have reviewed, along with an unofficial transcript reflecting the coursework.

What is a pre-major?

A pre-major is a student who is working on completing the foundation courses for a major offered by the College of Business and Economics (Economics students should refer to the Economics Department web pages for information; declaring an Economics major is done differently than the rest of CBE's majors).

What are the benefits of applying for pre-major status?

As a pre-major:

  • You will receive pre-major advising, ensuring you're on track and taking the correct courses.
  • You can register for classes that are restricted to CBE students during Phase I registration.
  • You are eligible to apply for CBE scholarships.
  • You are protected against possible future catalog revisions that change degree requirements.

Do I have to apply to be a major if I've already applied to be a pre-major?

No. For most areas of business once you have successfully completed your foundation courses, you will be updated to major status administratively. EXCEPTIONS to this are MIS and Operations. Please contact the Decision Sciences Department for more information on the process for these concentrations.

I'm not certain which business major I want to pursue. Do I need to wait until I know to apply for pre-major status?

No. The foundation courses for all business majors are the same (with the exception of MSCM majors, who must complete two additional foundation courses, and Economics majors, who should contact the Economics Department) so you can begin working on your foundation courses and apply for pre-major status as soon as you meet the criteria for pre-major application.

If you decide you want to pursue a different business major than the one you originally applied for, it's simple to change. Simply follow the instructions here.

Ready to declare as a pre-major?

To learn how to declare a pre-major in the College of Business and Economics, see this web page.

Questions about how to complete an application form? Wondering if your application is processed yet?


Questions about other aspects of pre-majoring?

Email our CBE Advisor, Teri Hall.