CBE Mission, Values & Strategic Goals

Mission Statement

We are a student-centered community of scholars and professionals dedicated to providing students with the foundation necessary to have a lifelong positive impact on business and society.​

Our Values


The College values engagement in its approach to education, research, and service. We value active faculty engagement with students. Engagement with industry advisory committees helps inform curricula and other course decisions, keeping our content relevant and preparing graduates to participate and lead in their areas of study. Faculty engagement with other academics in their fields is also encouraged. We value staff guidance and engagement with students. We also encourage students to engage with organizations in the region, gaining practical experience and a broader perspective while adding value to our surrounding community.


We believe in the mission and values articulated by Western Washington University. A liberal arts educational foundation engages students with faculty and the community, builds professional skills, and provides an environment with diverse perspectives. Students are encouraged to become responsible stewards of resources whether they are financial, human, or environmental.

To accomplish these goals our faculty must be teachers-scholars with a strong disciplinary expertise who are also motivated to be innovative teachers.

The College mainly serves traditional-age undergraduates from western Washington. However, we welcome students from the region, nation, and the world, with all backgrounds and perspectives.


The College seeks to recruit, select, hire, and develop teacher-scholars. We value scholarship that has a disciplinary focus, and we strive to keep faculty actively engaged in the current issues related to their field as well as applicable pedagogical research. We encourage supplementary expertise in research that informs public policy and practical application.


The College embraces innovative forms of student learning, research, and community engagement. Opportunities to advance student learning that lead to a process of continual improvement are highly valued. Faculty are encouraged to experiment with new teaching formats designed to enhance student experiences. Curricula are regularly reviewed and updated to better prepare students for current industry practices.


The College values the positive impact that our programs, research, and applied work have on the lives of our students and on the greater community. To be the most impactful, these programs should go beyond technical expertise. We prepare our students to be critical thinking, ethical participant leaders in their fields. Our faculty and staff are encouraged to make a difference in the broader community through service on advisory boards, volunteer work, and consulting.

CBE Core Values

  • Creation & Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Preservation & Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Congenial & Supportive Academic Environment
  • Professionalism
  • Application of Knowledge
  • Search for truth
  • Intellectual integrity
  • Free exchange of ideas
  • Lifelong learning
  • Independent thought

CBE's Strategic Goals

The College supports and works toward Western Washington University’s strategic goals within the context of business and economics education and the values stated above.


Western's Strategic Goals

  • Western provides a transformational education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and based on innovative scholarship, research, and creative activity to foster the development of engaged citizens who combine critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning to effectively address the challenges facing the state, the nation and the world.
  • Western advances understanding of and engagement with place, based upon knowledge of the region, its communities, and set within a global context.
  • Western fosters a caring community where all members are supported, where everyone has a voice and the ability to be heard, and where the definition of community is broad and inclusive.
  • Western pursues justice and equity in its policies and practices.

CBE also works to meet these goals by:

  • Focusing on student learning and professional engagement
  • Encouraging professional interactions between students, professionals, and teacher/scholars
  • Supporting research that has an impact on the body of business knowledge
  • Encouraging innovative teaching styles, research, and service