Decision Sciences

The Department of Decision Sciences offers a wide variety of programs revolving around optimizing computer technology, information management and manufacturing efficiency.

Available programs include Management Information Systems (MIS), which centers on information and computer systems; Operations Management (OPS), which helps oversee business practices and improves them; and Manufacturing Supply Chain Management (MSCM), making production processes more efficient and more productive. The department also offers minor in Business Analytics.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Decision Sciences is to advance and disseminate knowledge in management information systems, manufacturing and supply chain management, and quantitative methods. We provide high quality educational programs, publish theoretical and applied research, and serve university, professional, and community organizations.

Our Faculty

Each of the professors who make up the Department of Decision Sciences bring unique and valuable training and expertise to the classroom. They're people who dedicate themselves to equip students with the knowledge needed in the ever-changing world of information systems, manufacturing supply chain operations and quantitative methods.

Contact Information

Dr. Craig Tyran , Department Chair

Keaton Seifert, Department of Decision Sciences Manager

(360) 650-3275

Email: Decision Sciences Department Office