Microsoft SW for DSCI Courses

Obtaining Academic Software Used in Courses Offered by the Department of Decision Sciences


If you are currently registered in a course offered by the Dept of Decision Sciences (i.e., course prefix of DSCI, MIS, OPS), then you are eligible to download Microsoft software that is made available through the “Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching” program.

Your access to the software will only be available during the time when you are registered and taking an eligible course (i.e., the access to software will end when the quarter ends).

How To Access

Access Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Click the Sign In button, then log in with your Western credentials.

It will then ask you for Student Verification before taking you to the portal. 

How to Download Software

First, read the 'How To Access' block above. Once you’ve logged in with your Western credentials and submitted the Student Verification, it will bring you to the Microsoft Azure portal screen. In the left hand menu, under 'Learning Resources' there is an option for 'Software'. Click this and it will bring you to a long list. Either scroll down to search alphabetically or type your software name into the search bar.

Once you've found the software to download, click on the title, and a new sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen. Click 'Download' at the bottom.

The files downloaded via this site will likely be ISO files. An ISO file is similar to a Zip file, but often used as a format for installing programs. Learn more about ISO format.

Windows should automatically detect the ISO file as a source for installing programs, a double-click on the file should be the only thing required to mount the file. If you encounter issues with installing from the ISO, you can try opening it using a free program called 7Zip. The link in the previous paragraph has info on how to accomplish this.

Note: Some of the software doesn’t have the key embedded in the installer. In those cases, click on the 'View Key' button in the same right sidebar to access it. A copy button (looks like 2 pieces of paper) will also appear to the right of the key. Clicking this will copy the key to your clipboard so you don’t have to type the key into the installation window.

Some programs, once installed, may ask you to either log in or provide a key. Choose the key option and paste in the key acquired from the Azure website.

If you encounter problems not addressed here, please contact the CBE IT Office at