CBE Faculty Travel Policy

The purpose of the CBE Faculty Travel Policy is to allocate limited travel resources in a way that promotes faculty research and development as efficiently as possible. This policy covers general travel funded by the UFWW faculty contract and by RSP monies allocated to the college for faculty travel. Other travel for recruitment, the college’s various centers, accreditation, grant-funded travel, or university programs residing outside of CBE are not covered by this policy.

The goal of this policy is to encourage travel for professional development purposes. CBE has done an excellent job allocating travel funds in the past. It is FGC’s intent to implement this policy only when forecasted travel requests significantly exceed the college travel budget. Absent a travel budget shortfall, FGC encourages faculty and chairs to continue with their current travel procedures.

In the event that forecasted travel requests exceed the travel budget, the college will approve travel using the general criteria that travel must be related to individual faculty development as a scholar or teacher. Department chairs are asked to forward only travel requests for approval that meet this criteria. Further criteria to be used when travel requests significantly exceed the travel budget, from most to least important, are:

  1. Travel to a conference in order to present a research paper;
  2. Travel for professional development directly related to a research project; a course currently offered; or a new course approved by the CBE Curriculum Committee;
  3. Travel to a conference as a discussant, session chair, or conference officer.
  4. Travel for individuals who have yet to travel in a fiscal year;
  5. Travel for other professional development;
  6. Total trip cost to CBE.

Implementation of this policy is done at the department chair level, overseen by the associate dean. Department chairs are expected to advise faculty members on the appropriateness of their travel requests, to inform faculty of the above criteria, and to deny travel to events that have a poor reputation or lack sufficient content with regards to faculty development opportunity. Department chairs will advise the associate dean on the merits of the faculty travel requests.

In cases where projected travel requests exceed the travel budget, the associate dean will approve or deny travel requests based upon the criteria outlined above and in consideration of the department chairs advice. The associate dean will provide the FGC with quarterly reports on CBE faculty travel and FGC will consult with the associate dean regarding the implementation of this policy when needed.