Application Criteria & Deadlines

The College of Business and Economics accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prospective students can apply at any time, but applying before the Priority Application Deadlines listed below will ensure that your application will be processed in time for you to register for major restricted courses in CBE. Please read this page carefully to ensure your application can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Priority Application Deadlines

These deadlines apply to all majors excluding Economics and Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management.

  • Summer 2023 & Fall 2023 - March 31, 2023 by 5 PM
  • Winter 2024 - October 6, 2023 by 5 PM
  • Spring 2024 - January 19, 2024 by 5 PM
  • Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 - April 5, 2024 by 5 PM

NOTE: Admission as a full major in OPS, MIS, and in the Business Analytics minor requires an additional department review. Applications for full major status and the Business Analytics minor will be sent to the Decision Sciences Department for review on deadline dates listed above. For questions about these specific review processes, please contact the Decision Sciences Department.

What is a priority application deadline?

All applications submitted by these dates will be processed before Phase I of registration for the term indicated. This will allow students to apply for and be accepted into their desired major in time to register for major restricted courses within the College of Business and Economics.

Applications submitted after these dates will be processed but may not be completed by Phase I registration.

Application Criteria for Prospective Students

Beginning Fall Quarter 2019 - To apply to CBE you must have:

  • Minimum of 45 credits

  • Minimum of a 2.50 cumulative college-level GPA including all previous institutions

  • Minimum of a 2.50 cumulative WWU GPA (if you have completed any courses at Western)

Economics and Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management program have slightly different admission standards.

CBE Major and Minor Declaration Forms

Apply for your FIRST CBE Major/Concentration or CBE Minor by filling out one of the following forms:

Important Tips

  • You will need to provide current unofficial, electronic copies of all college transcripts if Western does not have the most recent versions.

  • If you’ve already declared a CBE major and want to add another major or concentration within CBE, follow the process outlined below.

  • If you've already declared a CBE major and want to change to another major or concentration within CBE, follow the process outlined below.

Students interested in the Business Analytics Minor need to submit their applications by the priority application deadlines listed previously.

Double Major/Concentration/Degree

If you are already a CBE major or pre-major and are adding a second major, concentration or degree, do not fill out a new application. Simply submit Double Major/Concentration Form.

If you are not already a CBE major you must apply for one major/concentration/degree first before adding a second major/concentration/degree using the process described above. You can apply for your first major/concentration using the Major Declaration Form.

Change of Major Within CBE

If you are already a CBE major or pre-major and want to change to a different major or concentration within CBE, do not fill out a new application. Simply submit CBE Major/Concentration Change Form.