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College of Business & Economics


At the College of Business and Economics, we make every effort to recognize hard-working students, while making an investment in your potential, and assisting you in funding your education to achieve your goals.

We are tremendously thankful for the generosity of donors who make these scholarships possible.

General Guidelines for CBE Scholarships:

The CBE Scholarships have been awarded for fall 2020, winter and spring 2021. If you were awarded a scholarship, you have received an email notification.

There are three CBE undergraduate scholarships: the General CBE Scholarship, the International Business Study Abroad Scholarship and the Dr. Steve Globerman International Academic Scholarship. Students will be notified spring quarter if they are awarded a scholarship. Students who are not awarded scholarships are not notified due to the volume of applications. Please review the application guidelines.  

Students who complete the General CBE Scholarship application will be considered for all general scholarships for which they meet criteria. GPA is considered for most scholarships. Review the available scholarships.

Students interested in studying abroad or an international educational experience may complete the application for the International Business Study Abroad Scholarship or the application for the Dr. Steve Globerman International Academic Scholarship.

If you have questions about applications or the application process contact Teri Hall.