Admission Information

Due to capacity constraints not all students are accepted to the concentration as full majors. Admission is competitive and academic performance is the primary decision factor.

Application Deadlines

To be considered for admission to the concentration as a full major applications must be submitted by the quarterly application deadline.

Application Process

General information for Prospective Students.

  • Apply to be a pre-major* by following the steps on the Prospective Students page
  • When you are eligible for full major status you will be contacted via your Western email and asked to complete an additional application which includes a proposed plan of study
  • The requirements for becoming a full major can be found on Moving From Pre-Major to Full Major

*Students who are eligible for full major status at the time they apply will be contacted via their Western email after their application has been processed and asked to complete the additional application. No priority is given to students who apply as full majors instead of pre-majors.

Admission Criteria

A Decision Sciences faculty admission committee will review all applications submitted by the deadline. Admission is based on:

  • Space available in the concentration
  • Past academic performance
    • Western GPA is the primary factor considered but other factors may include:
      • Performance in business courses taken at Western
      • Trends in academic performance
      • Performance in courses taken at other institutions as listed on the Transfer Equivalency Report
  • Admission priority will be given to students with the best academic performance relative to the rest of the applicant pool.
  • Academic performance will be the primary decision factor, but other factors may be considered (e.g., rationale for pursuing field of study, related work experience, student leadership, etc.).

Admission Notification

Students who apply for admission will be notified of their status via their Western email prior to the first day of registration for the next quarter. For example, if you apply for spring quarter admission, you will be notified of your admission status prior to the start of spring quarter registration.