Applying for Graduation

Applying for Graduation

Each student must formally apply to graduate from Western. Students need to contact the home department(s) for their program(s) and request an evaluation. An evaluation is required for each program in which a student is enrolled. After obtaining all the necessary evaluations, students must complete the Degree Application and turn it in to the Registrar's Office. The program evaluation(s) should be turned in to the Registrar's Office along with the completed Degree Application.  A specific step by step description of the degree application process is outlined below. 

Students enrolled in the E-Commerce Developer Certificate should contact the Internet Studies Center for information on applying for graduation. 

Internet Studies Center Page

How to Apply - Decision Sciences Department

  1. Check the degree application deadlines. The deadlines are listed in the Degree Application on the Registrar's website. 

  2. Complete the Evaluation Request form for your major/concentration/minor (links below). 

  3. Email the completed Evaluation Request form(s) to Talisa Manker. Allow at least three weeks for processing. Hard copies may be turned in to the Decision Sciences Office, PH 343.

  4. Check your Western email regularly. You will be contacted via email if there are questions about your evaluation.

  5. Your completed evaluation will be emailed to your Western email address. If you would prefer a hard copy please email Talisa Manker to request one.

  6. Complete the Degree Application on the Registrar's website. 

  7. Turn in the completed Degree Application and your evaluation(s) into the Registrar's Office, OM 230. You may also email your paperwork to the Registrar's Office at

Email Talisa Manker

Email the Registrar's Office

Degree Application Link

Evaluation Request Forms

File Business Administration Minor Evaluation Request Form

Office spreadsheet icon Business Analytics Minor Evaluation Request Form

Office spreadsheet icon MIS Major Evaluation Request Form .xls

Office spreadsheet icon OPS Major Evaluation Request Form

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Major Evaluation Request

Who to Contact

E-Commerce Developer Certificate: Email Mary Hall  

Questions about the Degree Application: Email the Registrar's Office

Questions about the Evaluation Request forms: Email Talisa Manker