For help with planning your courses, please see your advisor or the department office. Detailed course descriptions and prerequisites can be found on the University Catalog.

Required Courses (Three 4-credit courses):

  • DSCI 407: Predictive Analytics for Business
  • MIS 422: Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • OPS 462: Management Science

Elective courses (Two 4-credit courses):

In addition to the required courses, students need to choose two electives from the following list. Other elective courses may be possible under advisement. 

  • ACCT 421: Accounting Information Systems II
  • ECON 475: Econometrics
  • FIN 450: Financial Analytics
  • MIS 431: Advanced Business Database Systems
  • MIS 433: Programming Skills for Business Analytics
  • MIS 434: Applied Text Analytics for Business
  • MIS 435: Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • MKTG 381: Fundamentals of Market Research
  • MKTG 476: Digital Marketing
  • MKTG 481: Advanced Marketing Research and Analysis 
  • OPS 467: Logistics Modeling and Analysis