Overview of Courses

For help with planning your courses, please see your advisor or the department manager. Detailed course descriptions and prerequisites can be found on the University Catalog.

Required Courses (Three 4-credit courses):

  • DSCI 407: Predictive Analytics for Business
  • MIS 422: Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • OPS 462: Management Science

Elective courses (Two 4-credit courses):

In addition to the required courses, students need to choose two electives from the following list. Other elective courses may be possible under advisement. 

  • ACCT 421: Accounting Information Systems II
  • ECON 475: Econometrics
  • FIN 450: Financial Analytics
  • MIS 431: Advanced Business Database Systems
  • MIS 433: Programming Skills for Business Analytics
  • MIS 434: Applied Text Analytics for Business
  • MIS 435: Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • MKTG 381: Fundamentals of Market Research
  • MKTG 476: Digital Marketing
  • MKTG 481: Advanced Marketing Research and Analysis 
  • OPS 467: Logistics Modeling and Analysis