The Management Information Systems (MIS) program at Western Washington University (WWU) is a thriving program with high performing students and dedicated faculty members. We strive to provide our students with a high-quality learning environment in which they may reach their potential and prepare for their future careers.

How to Donate

There are two funds you may donate to:

  • The general “MIS Program” fund - which supports all the programs listed below.
  • The “MIS Student Development Fund” - which is earmarked for student professional development.

Donate Now

Why We Need Your Support

As state funding is not available to support all the costs associated with supporting our MIS students and faculty members, we must rely on donations to implement several of our existing programs and future initiatives.

Donations will enable the MIS program to offer the following activities and programs:

  • Student Professional Development
  • Industry Engagement
  • Extracurricular Projects
  • Faculty Development
  • Program Outreach

All donations – no matter the size - make an impact.

The Impact of Your Support

Check out the short video below to learn how your donation can make an impact.

The video features Gabriel, one of our MIS student leaders who graduated in June 2019. He describes how support for the MIS program impacted his education. The video also shows scenes from the 8th Annual "Western IS Connection" held in April 2019. This student-industry event was designed to help MIS students develop their "professional readiness" by interacting and learning from industry professionals. The 2019 event attracted over 25 business professionals and 100 students.