Donations are the fuel that keeps the MSCM engine running strong. With constant pressure on state funding and the University needing to be more self-funded each year, having a certain amount financial freedom and flexibly helps in a myriad of ways.  

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What Your Donations Support

Your donations keep our program strong, which in turn helps in attracting the best and brightest students.

Scholarships: MSCM & OPS students benefit from the best scholarships program within the College of Business & Economics; help us keep this record of excellence in the future.

Program Development: ​Funding helps support projects to strengthen MSCM such as becoming certified by the Institute of Supply Management, becoming nationally/internationally ranked, sending faculty to the Supply Chain Faculty Director's Conference, and supporting continued development of the MSCM website. These initiatives that benefit past, current, and future students would not be possible without outside funding.

Software: Your support helps the faculty fund the purchase of software keeping students in pace with industry.

Plant Tours: Funding underwrites the organization and transportation costs of these vital learning experiences.

Program Marketing: The university provides almost no funding for Program marketing; without private funds we could not continue the small amount of outreach now being done.

APICS & CSCMP: Donations provide critical support for the students involved with both of the WWU supply chain related professional organizations. With support, our student officers attend the national conferences for each organization, learning, networking and validating that their degree is absolutely one of the best in the country. By attending, they also showcase the talent that the WWU MSCM Program is creating year after year.