Meet with Your Faculty Advisor

It is important to meet with your faculty advisor on a regular basis. They can help answer questions on how to best complete your degree. They are also an excellent resource when you have questions about your career path. You were assigned an advisor when you declared a major or pre-major. The best way to contact your advisor is via their WWU email address, which can be found in the faculty directory. Our faculty look forward to meeting with you about your goals.

You can find out who your faculty advisor is by...

1. Navigating to your Web4U "Student Records" page

Screenshot in Web4u, the student tab is active and the Student Records link is circled.

2. Clicking on the "View Student Information" link

Screenshot in Web4u of student records page, with View Student Information link circled

3. Checking the "Primary Advisor" field

Screenshot in Web4u, in the General Student Record the line for Primary Advisor is circled