WWU Marketing Program Brand Toolkit

WWU Marketing Program, Inspiring Innovative Marketers

Brand Purpose

To engage, educate, and nurture a successful and diverse community of marketers so that our students and alumni can forge connections between the marketing program, marketing industry, and society at large.


Brand Values

Creating an inclusive community that actively represents and values all identities.


Creating a fair and just environment that provides equal opportunities and resources for all individuals. 

Ensuring that every offering is available and thoughtfully designed to accommodate the diverse needs of every individual.

Inclusive excellence through fostering a safe and welcoming environment that empowers the uniqueness of individuals.

All students and professionals see themselves in the program.

To provide value to students and society through social responsibility.

To lead by example as industry professionals.

To honor the environment in our processes and be mindful of our impact.

Marketing provides students the opportunity to create interesting, out of the box solutions.

To stimulate the practice of problem-solving and the application of knowledge.

To use our knowledge to help grow and connect with skilled alumni in the marketing field.

Committed to ensuring everyone feels safe, secure, and supported throughout their education and beyond.

Career readiness and industry engagement with the alumni network in pursuit of high quality/excellent work.

Brand Promise

We help Marketing Students obtain a degree in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration By providing you with classes, advising and connections to alumni and other students. Benefits include feeling valuable, prepared, confident, assured, self-sufficient, connected, and inspired. 

We help Marketing Alumni gain recognition and appreciation as well as credibility among peers By providing you with events and promotion associated with the program. Benefits include Making them feel valuable, confident, assured, self-sufficient, helpful, connected, and inspired. 

Brand Tagline & Explanation

Inspiring Innovative Marketers

At its core, the Western Marketing Program aims to educate, inform and ultimately inspire potential marketing students and professional marketers in the making who strive to become resourceful problem solvers. 


Brand Colors

WWU Brand Colors

Proud to be a part of Western Washington University, we have assumed the same brand colors. If you're curious about the specific colors used by Western Washington University, we invite you to check out the Colors as well as the Color Cheat Sheets in WWU's Brand and Communication Guide.


Brand Headings

WWU Typography

Western uses three typefaces to express its brand: Fira Sans, Montserrat, and PT Serif. To ensure accessibility and ease of use, all three fonts are made freely available for download on both Mac and PC operating systems. Should you require further details regarding these fonts or instructions on how to acquire them, we recommend referring to Western's comprehensive Brand and Communications Guide, specifically the Typography page.


Brand Logos

Primary Logo

For all channel communications

WWU Marketing Program
WWU Marketing Program


Tagline Graphic

For use as a campaign theme graphic. Cannot be used right next to the logo—place them on opposite sides of your media communications.

Inspiring Innovative Marketers
Inspiring Innovative Marketers


To easily obtain any of the logos associated with the WWU Marketing Program, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over the desired logo image.
  2. Right-click on the image.
  3. Select "Save Image As" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the preferred location on your PC to save the image.


Brand Tone

When communicating or creating copy, use a tone that fits your purpose and primary audience. A friendly or funny tone may help us entice a prospective student to want to learn more, whereas brevity and clarity may be more important when relaying programmatic information. Use words that reinforce Western’s brand position, voice and values. Focus on accessible language. Don’t be afraid to get witty or quirky if it fits your message and audience. Focus on dynamic, positive and inspiring vocabulary.


Brand Associations

Looks Like

Bricks, water, trees, modern glass architecture, traditional academia, creative sculptures

WWU MP Looks Like Brand Associations

Smells Like

Evergreen trees, fresh cut grass, books

WWU MP Smells Like Brand Associations

Sounds Like

Wind through the trees, ticking clock, trickling

WWU MP Sounds Like Brand Associations

Taste Like


WWU MP Looks Like Brand Associations

Feels Like

Fresh breeze

WWU MP Feels Like Brand Associations
WWU Marketing Programs Brand Association Moodboard