Marketing Advisory Board

Marketing Advisory Board

Supporting Students With Marketing Expertise

The Marketing Concentration Advisory Board includes an exciting blend of distinguished business and marketing professionals, international marketing specialists, and successful marketing alumni. The goal of the Marketing Concentration Advisory Board is to assist the faculty in providing meaningful connections between industry professionals and the student. Meet the current Advisory Board below.


Current Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board members help to provide speakers, internships, virtual mentors, and industry connections to what is currently happening in marketing. The members advise on curriculum development and course offerings. All of the marketing faculty attend each Marketing Advisory Board meeting in order to stay connected to the professional community.


Alex White

Andrew Dumont

Anea Pavlosky

Ann Stone

Aric Mayer

Bill Miller

Bob Brennecke

Catherine Armstrong Soule

Chris Smith

Chuck Robinson

Courtney Steffy

Dan Purdy

Ed Love

Farrokh Safavi

Jim Coshow

Liliana Deck

Mark Staton

Racheal Waite

Robert Spector

Shawn Kemp

Steven Millman

Tejvir Sekhon

Wendy Wilhelm