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Our students are the heart of Western's College of Business and Economics, especially in the Department of Finance and Marketing. We want to make sure you have all of the information you need to be successful. The finance and marketing disciplines are two of the fastest growing on campus. Our students matter and so do the subjects they study.


Finance Careers

Corporate and Public Finance

A type of finance dealing with monetary decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions.


Banking was developed from a need for a safe place for people to keep their money. Banking has expanded over the years to meet increasing and diverse financial needs.

Insurance and Risk Management

The insurance field is much more than hiring agents to find customers and sell them insurance policies. Managers in this field are dealing with both personal and corporate risk in a variety of venues.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers arrange and negotiate large financial transactions. They are employed by investment banking firms to act as advisers to client companies and to initiate money making ventures for their own firms.

Real Estate

Real estate brokers, both for commercial and personal real estate, employ real estate sales agents to help sell or rent property for the owners.

Personal Financial Planning

Financial planners help individuals and groups plan the use of their savings, income, and investments to build wealth.


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