Diversity in the Marketing Program

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ADEI Is At The Heart Of The WWU Marketing Program

WWU is ensuring that every offering is available and thoughtfully designed to accommodate the diverse needs of every individual.

Department Application:

Financial Assistance: The WWU marketing department has implemented an easy application process for financial assistance and scholarships, ensuring that students facing financial challenges can easily access funds for groceries, textbooks, or other essential needs.

WWU is creating a fair and just environment that provides equal opportunities and resources for all individuals.

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Yearly Faculty Training on Diversity and Inclusion: Ensuring that faculty members receive ongoing training helps maintain an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students.

WWU is creating an inclusive community that actively represents and values all identities.

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CBE ADEI Committee Advocacy: The ADEI committee made up of CBE faculty serves as an advocate for diversity. This includes influencing hiring decisions and shaping the language and examples used in classes, actively promoting diversity within the department.

WWU is fostering a safe and welcoming environment that empowers the uniqueness of individuals.

Department Application:

The Marketing department's Social Media Manager is dedicated to amplifying the voices of underrepresented and marginalized students. This intentional inclusion ensures that diverse perspectives are not only acknowledged but actively elevated, creating a more inclusive and representative academic community.

Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (AEID) Committee

At the CBE, the AEID committee aims to advance accessibility, equity, inclusion, and diversity to foster student success.  The committee also serves as an advocate for diversity, influencing hiring decisions and shaping the language and examples used in classes. This involves consulting CBE leadership, faculty, staff, and students about the impacts of proposed policies and practices in these areas, creating and advancing new policies and initiatives, and measuring the college's effectiveness in advancing these principles.  To learn more about the committee and how to get involved,  visit the link below!

Link to AEID Committee

Stories of Inclusive Excellence

Nabeel Chowdhury (He/Him/His)

Who: Nabeel Chowdhury, Class of 2012

Current Position: Senior Vice President at 24 Seven Talent 

Program Experience: The program’s inclusivity and relatively small size allowed him to access all the necessary resources and assistance, ensuring he would be well-prepared for life after college.  An environment was created where everyone was looked at equally and merit is what sets you apart from others.  Nabeel’s hard work and determination helped him quickly secure a job post-graduation thanks to an internship he discovered at the career fair.  

Advice: Actively engage in various events even if you have reservations about going.  You never know what opportunities could arise from attending.

Reema Patel (She/Her/Hers)

Who: Reema Patel, Class of 2013

Current Position: Communications Manager at Communities in Schools of Washington Program

Experience: The WWU marketing program provided a wealth of hands-on learning experiences, from internships and case studies to engaging real-world projects. While generally inclusive, there were instances where, as a minority student, she felt a slight sense of underrepresentation. Nevertheless, she commends the faculty and staff for their continuous efforts in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. Embracing her identity not only allowed her to bring unique perspectives to class discussions but also opened doors to participate in diversity-related events and initiatives

Advice: Embrace your unique perspective. Your background and experiences can enrich the learning environment and bring valuable insights to class discussions.

Ethan Huynh (He/Him/His)

Who: Ethan Huynh, Class of 2023 

Current Position: Content Marketing Specialist at Varsity Spirit 

Program Experience:  Ethan evolved into the marketer he is today through diverse classes, clubs, and opportunities. Inclusion on a marketing team targeting underrepresented students reminded him of his initial motivation for joining the program. Inspired by WWU's marketing community, he later had the privilege of inspiring others.

Advice: Be you and be bold. You can be heard, and you can succeed. It's all about what do with your experience and how you choose your path.

Jonathan Nguyen (He/Him/His)

Who: Jonathan Nguyen, Class of 2023

Current Position: Interim Quarterback at Amazon Robotics, Entrepreneur

Program Experience: Went through the struggles of having to go to online college and eventually had to go through the process of coming back to in-person classes. He also started his own hair cutting business! This created a very unique yet supportive experience for him.

Advice: Don’t be afraid to talk to your peers! I know we are all in our own bubble, but just starting a conversation can go a long way!

Sarah Magno (She/Her/Hers)

Who: Sarah Magno, Class of 2022 

Previous Position: Fiscal Specialist at University of Washington

Program Experience: Sarah had a fantastic experience in Western's marketing program, finding genuine support from both her peers and professors. She mentioned the inclusive atmosphere of the program where she never felt judged or treated differently because of her identity. Every classroom felt like a welcoming space. To enhance ADEI in the WWU marketing program, Sarah suggests a continued commitment to representing a wide range of perspectives in their work.

Advice: Ask questions!  Reach out to advisors, meet with professors and ultimately form relationships with other students in the program.

Eric Cuamacateco (He/Him/His)

Who: Eric Cuamacateco, Class of 2021

Current Position: Marketing Coordinator at Sofy

Program Experience: Since graduating from the WWU marketing program, Eric has embarked on an impressive career journey. Immediately after graduation, he secured a position at DocuSign, where he worked for two years. As a proud alum of the WWU marketing community, Eric welcomes outreach from fellow alumni and students, expressing his readiness to connect and share experiences.

Advice: Learn from every experience, maintain a positive mindset, and persistence is key.

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Meet The Students of 2023-2024

Stevenson Berndt (He/Him/His)

Who: Stevenson Berndt, Senior, Class of 2023

Program Experience: For Stevenson, marketing offers a greater entertainment value, a wider range of activities, and provides a greater scope for creativity. Currently a senior in the WWU marketing program and an active member of BSU & ACC, Stevenson strongly advocates for addressing underrepresentation. Stevenson is optimistic about the marketing program’s future at Western with POC numbers on the rise.

Advice: Put in the work, come to class with an attitude to learn and you will succeed.

Mykhanh Nguyen (She/Her/Hers)

Who: Mykhanh Nguyen, Class of 2024

Program Experience: Mykhanh, through the marketing program, has learned how to get out of her shell and learn to network with people. In marketing 382, there was a project that Mykhanh had worked on focusing on diverse models at Victoria’s Secret and had found that very eye opening. She has also found comfort in connecting with her Vietnamese peers.

Advice: Always try to make friends with your classmates because that’s where you can find a lot of meaningful connections.

WWU Marketing’s Social Media Manager


Since Fall of 2021 the WWU Marketing Department has had a Social Media Manager who is dedicated to promoting the underrepresented voices of the marketing program. This role organizes various diverse events and represents all voices across the WWU Marketing social media platforms.

Meet Rebecca Drew (she/her/hers)

Rebecca was the Social Media Manager from Fall 2022 - Fall of 2023 and has set up various events like Empowering Minority Students giving underrepresented voices a space to talk about their experiences in the program and partner with the Professional Woman's Alliance to host networking nights and Empowering Minority Students

  • What does diversity mean to you? 
    • Having a range of people from different racial backgrounds, religions, and life experiences.
  • What does inclusion mean to you? 
    • To me, inclusion means recognizing and appreciating everyone's unique differences, experiences, and perspectives. Inclusion starts by creating an environment where every person feels a genuine sense of value, empowerment, and belongingness.   
  • What have you done to promote ADEI? 
    • Over the past two years, the Marketing Program has successfully collaborated with other departments within the College of Business and Economics (CBE) to organize events aimed at hosting high school students from underrepresented areas. These initiatives serve the purpose of introducing these students to the field of business and making it more accessible and inclusive for them. By immersing themselves in the subject matter and participating in these activities, the students are provided with the opportunity to develop a greater comfort level and overcome potential barriers associated with pursuing a career in business. 
  • What have you done to ensure that all voices are heard? 
    • On social media, I try to represent everyone, show off different backgrounds, and have a wide range of people represented. When getting speakers I ensure that they can relate to a wide range of students.  
  • What do you think would be important for the underrepresented to know that you do for them? 
    • In the WWU Marketing Program, ADEI (Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is not a promotional initiative. This commitment starts with our administrative leadership and is integrated into every stage of our organizational processes. I know how life can be as a minority student and if you ever find yourself in need of a supportive conversation or assistance in navigating your education, rest assured that our program's professors and staff members are more than willing to lend an ear. All you need to do is reach out and ask!

Our Faculties Commitment to ADEI


Staff is dedicated to yearly ADEI trainings

headshot of professor Dan Purdy

Dan Purdy

"Diversity isn't just a value—it's a daily practice in our community. Through sharing personal struggles (neurodivergent- ADD, and more), teaching empathy, and fostering collaboration, I aim to create an environment where every student feels seen and empowered. Inclusion is not just a goal but a commitment to making space for every voice. Let's learn, grow, and succeed together." - Dan Purdy

headshot of professor Mark Staton

Mark Staton

The importance of inclusivity is fundamental to me. While I acknowledge the distinctions in our lived experiences, I remain eager to contribute. My objective is to ensure a rigorous class, delivering abundant information, all within an inclusive framework. The aim is not only to share knowledge but also to cultivate an environment where every individual feels respected, heard, and valued for their unique perspective

Scholarship Opportunities


WWU Marketing is dedicated to assisting first-generation college students.

Through our scholarship program, every first-generation student who applies has an excellent chance of receiving one and every applicant received one last year.

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The relief fund supports students in achieving academic and professional success by covering essentials like technology, textbooks, basic needs like food.

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Apply for CBE & Marketing Scholarships

At CBE, we are committed to fostering your potential. CBE offers annual scholarships, with applications accepted during the winter quarter. Our dedication extends to supporting BIPOC students, LGBTQ+ students, women, individuals with disabilities, and more.

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Apply for WWU ADEI Unit Scholarships

At WWU, we're all about empowering students who support marginalized communities. If you need financial support, we've got your back!

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BIPOC Student Growth in the program


We are proud to say that over the last decade, the number of BIPOC* students in WWU’s marketing program has nearly doubled, we hope to further increase the diversity of our student body in the years to come.

*Black, Indigenous, People of Color

chart showing growth BIPOC student growth from 13% in 2013 to 22% in 2023

How To Get Involved In The Marketing Program

Student Marketing Association

Group picture of an SMA event

The SMA is a WWU associated students sponsored organization which seeks to promote in its members better education and understanding of marketing, develop relationships and create networking opportunities between students and marketers, and facilitate professional development. Meeting activities include guest speakers, seminars, networking events, community events, fundraising, and hands-on educational experiences. 

Participation in SMA represents an excellent opportunity for underrepresented students to delve deeper into the world of marketing and gauge their interest in the discipline, as well as provide them with the means to sharpen their interpersonal and leadership skills and form career-spanning connections with industry professionals and future colleagues. Membership is open to all currently enrolled WWU students, WCC students or anyone else interested in educational experience in marketing, on a non-discriminatory basis. Alumni are also welcome to get involved, especially as speakers, and those looking to speak or hold a seminar are encouraged to contact the SMA via email at sma.wwu@gmail.com

SMA meetings are held on a weekly basis on Wednesday @ 6:30pm in Parks Hall. 

Contact us to learn more! 

Email: sma.wwu@gmail.com 

Twitter: @WWU_SMA 

Instagram: @SMA_WWU 

Facebook: facebook.com/wwu.sma 

Career Launch

Group of WWU students and alumni discussing their experiences at WWU

Come to the Career Launch to prepare for your professional career! Engage with some of our incredible alumni who come from diverse backgrounds. Participate in workshops including elevator pitch, resume & portfolio feedback, enhancing network skills, and more.

The Career Launch is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about professional networking by connecting with some of our inclusive marketing alumni who come from a wide range of backgrounds. The event will include multiple workshops such as an elevator pitch, resume & portfolio evaluation, improving network skills, and more! 

This event provides a great chance for underrepresented students interested in the marketing program to explore the field, get to know successful marketers, and allow alumni to connect with current students. Alumni can get involved by signing up to be a speaker, lead workshops, or provide guidance for students. For more information contact the SMA via email at sma.wwu@gmail.com or reach out to any of the social media platforms listed below. 

Contact us to learn more! 

Email: sma.wwu@gmail.com 

Twitter: @WWU_SMA 

Instagram: @SMA_WWU 

Facebook: facebook.com/wwu.sma


SMA Case Competition

Students prepare to present their marketing cases while judges look on

The SMA Annual Marketing Case Competition gives all students the chance to develop a solution to a problem outlined in a case and present their solution to a diverse panel of judges made up of alumni and marketing professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, New Engen, and more.

This event offers an excellent opportunity for underrepresented students considering marketing to hone their problem-solving skills, form bonds with fellow students through teamwork, and apply their expertise in a professional setting, as well as make an impression on key figures of the program. 

Alumni are encouraged to come and get involved through attendance or participation as a competition judge! For students and alumni looking to sign up, find out dates, or apply to judge, please feel free to contact the Student Marketing Association via email at sma.wwu@gmail.com or on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

Contact us to learn more! 

Email: sma.wwu@gmail.com 

Twitter: @WWU_SMA 

Instagram: @SMA_WWU 

Facebook: facebook.com/wwu.sma