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Internships can be rewarding in many ways. Internship experience helps when applying for a job and ultimately makes your degree more valuable. In this competitive economy, most companies are looking for people with real world experience. Completing an internship may give you an edge over your peers when you hit the workforce.

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Experience can be gained through working as an intern in one of many regional companies. You gain valuable industry connections and possibly even a job offer after graduation.


A "for-credit" marketing internship is completed through MKTG 480 and consists of a minimum of 160 hours of work under the direct supervision of qualified working professionals. These are the basic steps in the internship.

For complete details: 


Your internship will consist of several components including:

  1.     Internship agreement/contract
  2.     Daily journal
  3.     Weekly meetings with faculty
  4.     Weekly critique sessions with employer
  5.     Written evaluations from employer
  6.     Final report and portfolio of work

More complete details and descriptions of the internship components can be found in the 


To be eligible for a "for-credit" internship you must: 1) be an accepted CBE Major with a major GPA of at least 2.75 and 2)  have completed MKTG 380 and MKTG 381.

You are responsible for finding your internship and having it approved by Dr. Cat Armstrong Soule. Several resources are available to assist you in your search:


  1. All marketing majors are responsible for connecting with the Student Marketing Association as soon as they become Marketing majors. The SMA provides tons of great information about jobs and internships. Check out their Facebook page, too.
  2. Meet with Dr. Cat Armstrong Soule and your faculty advisor. They will discuss your goals, skills, and experiences with you to determine an internship that is a good fit.
  3. Select an internship. You are responsible for applying for an internship. The department will determine whether it meets our requirements and policies.
  4. Following your acceptance, complete the Internship Contract found with the syllabus: 
  1. Meet your supervisor. This should be completed by the first two weeks of your internship so that your supervisor can review the internship agreement.
  2. Keep a daily journal. There you will record the tasks performed each day.
  3. Have weekly meetings with your instructor. This lets your instructor keep record on your progress and lets you voice any concerns.
  4. Midterm Evaluation. This evaluation will be made from your organization supervisor certifying that you completed 80 hours.
  1. A final letter will be submitted by your supervisor confirming your completion of 160 hours and the quality of work.
  2. Submit your portfolio and questionnaire.
  3. Receive grade based on the weekly meetings, final portfolio, and the two letters of evaluation.

Read testimonials from marketing students on various internships including:

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  • WWU Dining Marketing Team (Aramark)
  • Lynden Incorporated 

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