Marketing Student Professional Development and Relief Fund

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To help support the academic and professional success of Marketing Concentration students at the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University


This fund was created through the generous efforts and donations of alumni, friends, faculty and staff of WWU’s Marketing Program. It is intended to help our students in their academic and professional success by providing funding for things such as (but not limited to): technology, software, hardware, textbooks and other course resources, conference and workshop attendance, fees and travel, as well as basic needs such as food.


Must be a declared Marketing Concentration full major or pre-major, or accepted student at CBE and currently enrolled in courses. Students can apply for funds once a quarter.

Before You Apply

Before you apply, consider whether any of the resources listed below can meet your needs.

You will be asked in the application to verify that you have attempted to get support from other university and college level programs, in order to ensure the most serious unmet needs are supported for the greatest number of our students.

Please explore the following links:

If your needs cannot be met through these options or other means, please complete an online application for funds. Funds can be requested for the precise amount that you need for your request. Please be able to document how much the item/service that you are funding will cost (for example, a link to the site with the cost of the technology that you will purchase). Requests can be made for any amount, but funding is limited so larger requests may not be funded, or only partly funded. Support will generally be awarded at $100 per request except under exceptional circumstances.

Students should apply only for themselves and only if they have exhausted all options. These funds are limited. By stating you need funds, you may be taking another student’s opportunity to receive any money. This is not meant to discourage applications. We just want to make sure we are disbursing funds to students who have the most need.

How to Apply for Support Funds

This process to submit the online application should take approximately 5 minutes.

Apply for Funds

A team will review the applications on a bimonthly basis. You should be notified of the decision within 3 weeks of submitting this request. If you have needs that are more urgent in nature, you may email the department manager, Heather Christianson, after you have submitted your application at to ask for quicker processing. Please use your WWU email address.

Please note: Funds received through this program may impact your financial aid and are taxable income.