Marketing Internship — MTKG 480

What Is The Course?

The Department of Finance and Marketing at Western Washington University offers a 'Practicum' or 'Internship' Program that enables students to acquire hands-on experience in a professional work environment as an integral component of their academic program.


What an Internship Does for You

Offers practical exposure to the working world.

An internship provides a hands-on experience of the professional environment that enables individuals to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. It offers the opportunity to work on real projects, interact with colleagues and clients, and gain insights into the industry's norms and practices.

Learning by doing is among the top means to acquire experience.

By engaging in hands-on learning experiences, interns can apply their theoretical knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and enhance their professional skills.

Include in your resume that you applied your educational knowledge.

Showcases that you have applied the theoretical knowledge gained in your academic program to practical situations in the workplace. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have relevant experience and can contribute to their organization using your academic background.

Enhances self-assurance in comparison to individuals without such experience.

Individuals with the opportunity to develop and apply new skills, work on challenging tasks and projects, and receive feedback from experienced professionals. By gaining practical experience in a professional setting, individuals can build confidence in their abilities and feel more prepared for future career opportunities compared to those without such experience.

Serves as a compelling talking point in interviews and elevates your impression.

Internships offer valuable experiences that can make you stand out during job interviews by providing you with unique talking points to showcase your skills and achievements. The practical experience gained during internships can help demonstrate your competence, dedication, and passion for the field, thereby elevating your impression and increasing your chances of getting hired.



Before Internship Starts:

  • Submit internship forms to Cat

  • Register

During Internship:

  • Meeting with Organization Supervisor
  • Daily journal
  • Weekly meetings with Cat
  • Critique sessions with organization supervisor
  • Midterm evaluation

After Internship Ends:

  • Final letter of evaluation from supervisor
  • Final report
  • Completed journal
  • Exit survey
  • Grade Evaluation
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Below this document highlights the process of the course along with the requirements to complete the course.



Internship Requirements

Department Policy on Internships:

  • For a firm to be considered an internship site, two criteria must be met: (1) the business must be licensed and located in a commercial zone; (2) the on-site supervisor must have appropriate qualifications as a marketing professional and mentor.
  • Students may not do an internship provided by a relative or in a company owned by a parent or relative.
  • Students may not do an internship in their place of present employment unless they are (1) formally transferred to another department, which is (2) separate from the department in which they are employed, (3) the department is under the direction of a different supervisor, and (4) the internship is directed by a person who is a professional in some aspect of marketing.
  • Students may not receive retroactive credit for internship work performed.
  • Students may not spend more than 10% of their time on personal selling/sales calls.

Eligibility criteria for credit

  • Have been accepted as a CBE Major
  • 2.75 GPA or better
  • Completed the following courses-
    •  MKTG 380 (Principles of Marketing)
    • MKTG 381 (Marketing Research)
    •  MKTG 382 (Consumer Behavior)


Where to look for an Internship?

  • Check your email for pre-qualified internships from Cat Armstrong
  • Handshake
    • The Career Services Center is proud to offer Handshake, an online job and internship posting database available to students, alumni, and employers.
  • LinkedIn
    • Set up a profile on linkedin to create a visible display of your resume
  • Connect with Western Marketing Group on Linkedin
  • Leverage personal connections
    •  “All about who you know”
    • Employers, family, friends, SMA, Networking events
  • Career Fairs

Extra Resources

Workshop Schedule

  • The Career Services Center is thrilled to provide quarterly workshops that aid in preparing for post-graduation plans. Irrespective of major, class level, or alumni status, our workshops are accessible to all students

WWU Career Services Events

  • Career Fairs | Career Treks | and more!

What is a Cover Letter?

  • Cover letter workshop


  • Developing a polished and clearly focused resume is your first step towards gaining employment.

WWU Career Closet

  • The WWU Career Closet is a resource created to support our students and alumni in their career success. Students/alumni can acquire free professional business attire appropriate for job or grad school interviews, networking events, career fairs, or for any reason that professional attire may be needed.


Professor Cat Armstrong

Meet the Professor

Cat Armstrong Soule’s research focuses on judgment and decision making within the exchange and consumption contexts. Broadly, she concentrates her work on how consumers form perceptions and how those perceptions are related to intentions and behaviors in a sustainability context. Her other areas of research expertise include anti-consumption, secondhand exchange, pricing, consumer protections, brand communities, and consumer-to-consumer exchange. She uses a variety of research methodology including experimental, interview, descriptive survey, field research, observational and data scraped from social media.

Cat has taught MBA Marketing Management and many undergraduate courses such as: Principles of Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, and Integrated Marketing Communications at Western Washington University, University of Oregon and University of Montana. She also created and often teaches a course entitled People & Money: Behavioral and Psychological Perspectives on Pricing.

She has published research in Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Macromarketing, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics and the British Food Journal. Her work is routinely presented at conferences such as the Association for Consumer Research, Society of Consumer Psychology, ICAR, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Pricing and Retailing and Marketing and Public Policy.

Get in touch

Contact: Professor Cat Armstrong-Soule,Ph.D.

Email: (preferred contact)

Office: Parks Hall 403

Phone: (360) 650-4685