International Marketing Management — MKTG 486


The objective of international marketing management course is to teach you in the world of global trade, where corporations offer their value propositions to more than 7.9 billion consumers. In this course you will take a tour of this expanded area and become familiar with various aspects of managing the functions of international markets. You will also gain practical experience in planning for entering into international markets by practicing the preparation of an international marketing plan under close supervision and guidance of your professor.

This course is more than simply learning about international marketing operations and strategies. It is about the people, feelings, emotions, and behavior. It involves a journey to different parts of the world, meeting, in ‘virtual presence,’ people of various cultures and learning about their needs and wants. It is about developing a ‘right’ attitude toward other people and helping them achieve their goals. It is about love, peace, and everything which goes with them. You’ll love it, believe me!

We will not! Be repeating the principles of marketing management which you have learned in other marketing courses by simply adding examples from international markets. Rather, we will be exploring those aspects of marketing management that are unique to the needs, conditions, and environments of the firms that do business on a global basis.


  • Term Project
  • Case Studies
  • Mid Term 
  • Final Exam
  • Weekly Quiz


Professor Safavi drawing on a chalk board




Term Project

Every group of 4-5 students will select a research project on international marketing (after consultation with me) and present a brief synopsis of their project to the class + A summary of the presentation and class discussion will be presented in a paper to the instructor.

This project will help you improve your skills in international marketing research, designing workable plans for entering international markets, and written and oral communication. Use international databanks and online resources efficiently to retrieve information. Learn to access online databases of the Washington State Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration in Washington DC. Developing personal skills in obtaining relevant information through international databases is an objective and requirement of your term project.

Case Studies

Cases on specific strategic aspects of International Marketing Management will be analyzed individually by the class members. There will be 2 cases which are adopted by Harvard University in their offering of the course, International Marketing.

This learning method will help you achieve the objective of developing analytical ability in examining marketing situations around the world and offering strategic solutions to current problems. It will also help you develop written and oral skills in expressing the findings of your analysis.




Air Fryer Presentation

                              Air Fryer to Sweden

Sweden Prez

                       Clothes Drying Machines to U.K. 



Skills Acquired


  • Global Marketing Information Systems
  • International Product Strategies
  • International marketing research
  • Internet Application to International Marketing Management
  • Global Pricing/Distribution Strategies
  • Ethical Considerations in International Marketing
  • Social and Cultural Environments of International Marketing Management
  • Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments of International Marketing
  • Entry Strategies to International Markets
  • Export Organization and Management
  • Import Strategies
  • Selection of Sourcing Strategies for International Marketing

Course Requirements


  • MKTG 380
  • Marketing Majors



Professor Safavi

Meet the Professor

Professor Safavi, an extraordinary individual with a remarkable attribute: Extensive global research experience with a diverse range of research expeditions encompassing factories, farms, and manufacturing facilities. Professor Safavi has explored the intricacies of industries worldwide. Having conducted research in an astounding 196 countries, students find immense inspiration in being taught by a professor who has personally collected research data. Professor Safavi's expertise extends beyond a singular field, boasting a solid foundation in law, economics, and social sciences, coupled with a degree in journalism. Additionally, the professor possesses a profound understanding of the historical background of international marketing, alongside a multidimensional comprehension of global markets. With this wealth of knowledge, Professor Safavi shines as an exceptional educator, instilling passion and guidance in his students.

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