Sustainable Marketing — MKTG 474

WHAT IS 474?

This course aims to equip students with the necessary skills to develop and promote a sustainable product. It will explore essential concepts and tools pertaining to marketing decisions, including design-for-environment, sustainable pricing, greening the supply chain, and life cycle impact assessment.

We will delve into the development of marketing strategies using a "triple bottom line" approach, which emphasizes economic stewardship (prioritizing financial continuity over profit), environmental/ecological stewardship (preserving and renewing natural resources), and social stewardship (ensuring equitable resource distribution and promoting human and community well-being).

By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how marketing practices can contribute to addressing sustainability challenges in today's marketplace. They will also possess the knowledge and ability to influence sustainable behaviors within businesses, among consumers, and in society as a whole.

To achieve these goals, the course incorporates lectures, discussions, assignments, videos, group tasks, and exams.


  • Weekly Individual Assignments
  • Discussion Posts/ Current Events
  • Group Project/Oral Exam
  • Sustainability Certificate

Reference Syllabus


  • MKTG 381 – Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • MTKG 382 – Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Majors Only



  • Understanding of the triple bottom line approach
  • Awareness of global trends toward sustainability
  • Knowledge of key concepts and terminology
  • Ability to develop marketing strategies for sustainability, including product-service, pricing, supply chain and communication strategies (e.g., biomimicry, eco-labeling etc.).
  • Communicate the business case for sustainability as a source of competitive advantage.
  • Assessment of personal footprints and behavioral strategies to reduce it.
  • Understand the role of sustainability in the marketplace.
  • Effective strategies to influence sustainable marketing.
  • Understand consumer responses to sustainable products and practices.
triple bottom line



  • Demonstrate to students that marketing doesn't have to embody its negative aspects.
  • Studying sustainable marketing enables students to apply responsible marketing concepts to address societal issues and develop an ethical foundation for business practices.
  • Understanding sustainable marketing principles gives students a competitive edge in the job market, aligning their skills with the growing consumer demand for sustainability.
  • Learning sustainable marketing strategies fosters ethical decision-making, transparency, and responsible marketing communication in business practices.
  • Studying sustainable marketing raises awareness of both business practices and personal ecological footprints, equipping students to navigate the evolving business landscape and contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible world.


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Meet The Professor

Sara Baskentli, a devoted academic researcher, embodies the core values of Western institutions. Since joining Western Washington in 2018, she has passionately delved into various areas of study centered around consumer well-being and broader societal impact. Her expertise encompasses the influence of food on health, the role of sound in promoting well-being, corporate social responsibility, and the integration of artificial intelligence for educational advancement. Sara is at the forefront of driving positive change for a better world.

One of Sara's most cherished research projects focused on the Maasai tribe in Tanzania, deeply connected to a subsistence economy. She meticulously examined the profound effects of climate change on their way of life, shedding light on the challenges they face in sustaining their agricultural practices and harvests. By highlighting these pressing issues, Sara aims to preserve the Maasai tribe's traditional livelihoods and foster resilience in the face of environmental changes.

Furthermore, Sara's dedication extends to addressing the critical concern of over-the-counter drug abuse and its impact on consumer well-being. Her rigorous research aims to uncover valuable insights and innovative solutions for cultivating a healthier and more sustainable society.

With unwavering commitment and a multidisciplinary approach, Sara Baskentli actively shapes academic research, making profound contributions to well-being, sustainability, and positive societal transformation.

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