April 2021

Top Reasons Why You Need to Network

Why Network? 

Networking is about getting to know people by speaking to them and establishing meaningful relationships that will help broaden your perspective of the marketing world. The more people you know, the bigger the chance that you may be recommended for a job. Considering that 70% of jobs are found through personal relationships(opens in new window), networking is a way to develop your professional career and navigate towards a path you are interested in.


How to Use Social Media to Stay Involved and Connected

Connect with Organizations, Clubs, and Educators

One way to stay involved is to follow your university and associated clubs, such as the Western Washington University Marketing Program, on the social media platforms that they use. This could range from joining a Facebook group created for your major or interests, or explore other social media platforms like Instagram(opens in new window)LinkedIn(opens in new window), or Twitter(opens in new window). Follow these hyperlinks to take you directly to the WWU Marketing Program’s accounts on these platforms to start connecting today!