May 2022

International Business Student Sophia Collins Shares Her Experience In The 2022 SMA Case Competition

Question: Why did you initially want to participate in the case competition?

As an international business student at Western, I really wanted to expand my presentation and marketing skills further than what I have received within my own program. Also, I wanted to take advantage of the networking opportunities provided through Meet The Professionals, to help me build connections with individuals working in a field I may be interested in.

Question: Describe your preparation experience from receiving the case to presentation day. What tactics would you recommend to future competitors?

Top 5 Reasons to Network as a Young Professional

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“The people you meet as a student can massively impact your personal and career trajectory. You don't have to be the smartest or most outgoing but give yourself enough opportunities to meet people outside of the academic world and invest in the relationships that stand out to you.” - Paul Burke, class of 2014



Top 5 Reasons to Network

1. Shared knowledge