May 2020

Things to do as a Marketer in Quarantine

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Times right now are uncertain. One thing to be certain of is that as a student marketer, recent grad, or business professional making your way in the industry, you matter and what you do to develop your competency is valuable- all the time. Once the curve flattens, and things slowly start to function at a steady pace, what will you be able to say you’ve learned?

I encourage you to learn something new or deepen your knowledge of a particular skill! Join me as I share a few things you can do that will not only sharpen your skills, keep you entertained and be invaluable to your career in the business industry as a marketer when the time comes.

How to Remain Productive While Staying at Home

How have you been holding up during this time of quarantine? For many of us as students, the first few days and even weeks were met with mixed feelings which did include positive emotions. The thought of having to stay home most of the time, and getting an extended break away from school (physically) and other responsibilities felt nice, and could not possibly be so bad right? While at first the time spent indoors might have felt relaxing, for many it soon became full of anxiety, unsureness, and developed into cabin fever. 

Have you been having a hard time finding ways to keep busy? Have you been feeling pessimistic? Most of us have but allow me to share just how to make the most out of the given circumstance.