June 2021

Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Degree

Suggestion 1: Become a T-Marketer

When studying a broad major like marketing, you will leave college with a general understanding about your major. You will need to become a t-marketer to develop from this framework and find your specialty. 

The horizontal of the “T” is the broad knowledge about marketing – what you are familiar with but not an expert in. The vertical of the “T” shows the depth of knowledge in one subject. Having general knowledge lets you understand each part of the marketing strategy, but deep knowledge in one section means you can shine in that facet with winning strategies compared to other marketers. 


Undecided Major? Here is How to Pick the Right Major for You

Four Considerations to Think About

There are many different elements to consider when finding the right major for you. Best Colleges suggests that there are four concepts that college students should consider when starting to make this decision. 

1. Overall program cost 

2. Salary expectations 

3. Employment rates in the field  

4. Advanced degree opportunities  

6 Tips to Ace Your Next Zoom Interview

#1 Create a Distraction Free Area

External distractions should be eliminated from your environment before you even think about joining that Zoom call.  Noise will be a distraction for not only you, but also for your interviewer. Turning off the TV, silencing that cellphone, and closing out of unneeded windows to ensure there are no abruptly loud pop-up ads are all actions that can be taken to reduce the amount of noise pollution that may occur. Visual distractions are also important to minimize. Looking at the camera directly(opens in new window) simulates what real eye contact would be like in an in-person interview. Keeping your eyes focused on the screen /camera is important. So, kick out any pets or roommates from the room you are in to ensure that your eyes won’t begin to wander.  


5 Easy Ways to Keep Up with The Latest Market Trends! 

Why is it Important? 

Following the media gives you an opportunity to become more knowledgeable in the marketing industry and will give you the chance to make future business decisions on more factual and plausible information. It also provides inspiration for things that you could do with your own brand, both personal and professional. If you see something that another brand does that sounds like it could work for your business, then this is a great way to implement your own unique version best suited for your business. Plus, it’s fun and interesting!   


Why Join the WWU Marketing Program?

Why Marketing?

Many view marketing as just advertising and sales, however, it’s far more than that. If you like doing detective work, maybe market research is for you. There is also the creative side to marketing where you are able to construct content that can effectively communicate a company’s value proposition. For me(opens in new window), I like digging deep into a company’s purpose and goals to strengthen their brand identity through digital channels.   

As someone with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, there are a vast amount of jobs that are at your disposal. Western Washington University’s (WWU) Marketing Program offers coursework in many areas that will prepare you for your future career. The areas of study include(opens in new window)