5 Easy Ways to Keep Up with The Latest Market Trends! 

By: Alyssa Herbert 

The marketing industry is fast paced and forever changing. One second it’s print news and the next it’s all digital. The most successful marketers are the ones that keep up to date with the news and latest trends. The environment is constantly changing in a competitive way.  

The media is easily accessible and right at our finger tips. If it’s so easy to access than why do most of us not care to keep up with the news? Maybe it’s the fact that you are comfortable in your job or that the last thing you want to do after being at work all day is to come home and read about marketing. Sometimes it's challenging being a student with way too much to do, and too much homework that reading another blog post sounds like the last thing you want to do. 

Why is it Important? 

Following the media gives you an opportunity to become more knowledgeable in the marketing industry and will give you the chance to make future business decisions on more factual and plausible information. It also provides inspiration for things that you could do with your own brand, both personal and professional. If you see something that another brand does that sounds like it could work for your business, then this is a great way to implement your own unique version best suited for your business. Plus, it’s fun and interesting!   

As a student, it can be overwhelming thinking about your future career. The news is a great place to learn about potential jobs and since the industry is constantly changing there is always new interests. It can potentially give you a new insight into a field you want to enter or it can give you the opportunity to impress your future boss! According to American Marketing Association(opens in new window), “hiring managers want to see a connection between an individual’s day-to-day duties, the firm’s bottom line, and a desire to keep up with the latest marketing trends and best practices.”  

It not only can help you personally advance your career but it can also help your future company with insights that can potentially set your company apart from its competitors. Some companies are not as successful due to the fact that they don’t keep up with the constant change in business landscape.

Where Can I Find the Latest Trends?  

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1. Blogs – The easiest way to read about the latest trends is through blogs, they are usually about 2-10 minute read and are easily accessible. Some blogs are written from a more personal perspective and others are more factual based. Whichever it might be you prefer there are a ton of great options to choose from. There are free options available and a great place to look for blogs is on LinkedIn(opens in new window) and some big name companies such as Patagonia(opens in new window) have their own blog pages. One of my favorites sites to read blogs on is called Search Engine Land(opens in new window) and it’s all about digital marketing. If you google search marketing blogs, there are a ton of different options and you can find one that you enjoy.  

2. Social Media – An easy example is Google Alerts(opens in new window); this sends out a notification anytime there is a keyword you have selected in recent search results. Another way to keep up using social media is through Twitter’s trending page. If you search “#marketingtrends” an entire page will come up with people’s tweets about things they have seen in the marketing industry. Some tweets are personal opinions, some are factual and others give great links to more articles. Twitter can be quite humorous if you are looking for a fun way to learn more. 

3. Podcasts - This particular source can be quite feasible since you can listen while doing other things whether that be driving home from work or cooking dinner. There are podcasts with broad categories some talk about anything and everything related to marketing and business trends. One of my favorites is called Marketing Over Coffee(opens in new window). Some other good ones are Mixergy, Ask Amanda About Marketing and Social Media Marketing Podcast. 

4.  Mainstream Media – A lot of known news sources such as Apple News, Forbes, Ad Week, and another more local option to Washington, The Seattle Times offer business sections. Most of these don’t require a subscription or if they do they are extremely affordable! Especially for students, most news websites will give a student discount.

5. Journals – If you want an in-depth explanation about current trends a great way to start is reading journals. These usually offer more of a professional prescriptive and can be easily accessible. One of the best marketing journal publications is by the American Marketing Association(opens in new window). Although journals tend to be longer and will take more time to read it’s a great way to get all the information at once. It’s also based on scientific research rather than personal opinion.  


Staying up to date with current marketing trends and news articles will give you the insight you need. This insight will impress your fellow marketing colleges, current and future employers and most importantly impress yourself. Wherever you might be in your career should not determine how much you think you know because the business world is always changing. There is always more to learn.  

Any method you choose to stay on top of the marketing industry will benefit you in the long run. It might not be the first thing on your mind after a long day but make it a point to give yourself some insight. Follow one of these news sources and you’ll be more successful wherever you go next!