June 2020

What to do After graduation if You are Not Ready to Get a Full Time Job?

Due to Covid19 something that everyone in the world right now is facing is uncertainty. Uncertainty in almost every aspect of life whether it be financial, emotional, health, you name it. The idea of stepping out of college and into a full time career during a pandemic is a lot to process. For some, it may not be the right choice. Here are some things you can do out of college that do not involve a full time job.

4 Steps to Dealing with and Learning from Failure


So, You Had  Bad Day

You tried your hardest and came up short. Whether your project was for work, school, or even if it’s something you told yourself you didn’t care about, you tried, and you failed. It hurts. We’ve all been here before. It’s not fun. It can feel like we’ve hit the end of the road and we don’t know where to go next.

Today we’re going to talk about getting over failures and learning from them. It’s not fun, and it’s not pretty

TJ Payne - Content Creator - 6/12/2020

, but learning from our past helps us secure a better future. Learning this crucial step is what separates great marketers from the rest.

Creating Video Content Part Two: Behind the Camera

TJ Payne - Content Creator - 06/11/2020

Welcome to part two of my series on overcoming the hurdles to making video content. In my last blog, we discussed dealing with work at the camera level. We talked about preparing to make content as well as how to overcome stage fright and getting in front of the camera. Today will be a bit brief, and a bit more technical. With that said, I am by no means a computer guru. This blog is meant to be a starting point; to show you that creating video content isn’t as far away as it might seem. This blog will get you into creating video content with only the items you already have in your possession or can get for free.

Creating Video Content Part One: Getting In-front of the Camera

TJ Payne - Content Creator - 06/11/2020

There's no shortage of information out there on the value of creating video content as a marketer. I won’t bog you down with statistics, nor will I lecture you on why making video content matters. Instead, I want to offer you the absolute easiest ‘How To’ you’ll ever encounter in your life. You might be afraid to jump into this crazy world, but don’t be. To borrow from Professor Dan Purdy, “…Fear is actually an acronym. False Events Appearing Real.”

Learn to Work Remotely with Digital Marketing

Learn to Work Remotely with Digital Marketing

Rianne Ellingwood









Summer break is full of opportunities. It’s fairly common for students to seek internships or to study abroad. Some students opt for a fun summer job and complete a course or two at Western.

Last summer, I decided I was going to do it all and then some.  Taking a summer course was the best decision I could have made that summer and for my future.