WWU Marketing Career Launch and Holiday Mixer

wwu marketing holiday mixer career launch

The Career Launch and Holiday Mixer, held annually for Western Marketing Students and Alumni, provides an opportunity to establish new connections as they get ready to kickstart their post-college careers.


What is the career launch?

The Career Launch opens the door for current students to gain insights from established alumni in the field. Discover their journeys, snag tips on networking, brush up on effective resume and interview strategies, and nail the art of leaving a lasting first impression. The students get to speak in small groups with panelists and rotate.

The Holiday Mixer creates a laid-back, casual setting for all current/past students, alumni, faculty, and staff to bond and share favorite memories of WWU and the Marketing Program.

Ed Love, Current Department Chair, noted, “I’m still thinking about the incredible attendance at the WWU Holiday Mixer on Friday Night. It is such a pleasure to catch up with our wonderful alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends. Can’t wait to do it again.” (LinkedIn)


  • Connections: Building relationships with alumni can further the student’s academic and professional journey by sharing real-world insights.
  • Advice: Attending the career launch gives advice on your resume,
  • Experiences: There is potential for opportunities to arise from building relationships with alumni, such as meeting for coffee or an internship.
  • Memories: Socializing with past/present students, alumni, staff/faculty is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the end of the year.


What was your favorite core memory of the career launch?

  • Bethany: Getting to meet the panelists because they had some insightful information and good advice on networking, interviewing and resumes through a resume workshop. Learning how the panelists got where they are

How did it make you feel more prepared to graduate?

  • Madie: “had some meaningful conversations” “a lot of alumni from diverse backgrounds, so it covered all the grounds.” “the topic discussions with alumni on networking, first impressions, and resumes were very helpful, because ... they shared their personal experience and how the topics related to their career.”


  • Serenity: “I wish I had gone to the Career Launch/Mixer event, especially before I graduate. While I missed out on this wonderful opportunity, I plan on attending next year’s mixer as an alumni! I hope to see everyone there.”
group photo students holiday mixer


If you have any questions regarding the Career Launch/Holiday Mixer event, feel free to contact Heather Christianson at chris54@wwu.edu or on LinkedIn at Heather Christianson.

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