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Welcome to the WWU Marketing Blog!

Allison Drennan, Editor







Dr. Ed Love, Chair of Finance and Marketing



According to Dr. Ed Love, Chair of the Marketing and Finance Department, this is “the most awesome blog ever!” But I’m sure you still have questions about what we’re doing here. We’ve attempted to answer the five most important questions below.




The short answer to this question is you! 

This blog exists to combine two powerful resources that the department has at its disposal: our students and our alumni. We want to foster a community that brings these groups together to help one another. 

Our students are bright, determined, and eager to pursue real world opportunities like internships and mentorships. A group of excellent marketing concentration students, working with the help of faculty, created and manage this blog. 

Our alumnx act as guest speakers and mentors. They offer networking opportunities for students and general support for the program. 

Both are a vital part of the program, whether before or after graduation. 

We want our students and alumnx to know that they’re a valuable part of this community, even after graduation. 


This is the hub of the WWU marketing online community! We will provide you with industry news and updates on marketing program events to help keep you informed. Faculty and alumnx profiles, to help us all get to know one another. Updates on courses and new scholarships, to help current and prospective students on their journey. 

Interested in marketing? This is your one-stop shop for news and updates on the WWU marketing program. 


The marketing program has been waiting for a place like this for three or four years, so why start now? Well, we have excellent students in the program and they’ve allowed program leadership and faculty to expand bandwidth and improve the capabilities of the department. This way, we were able to overcome resource constraints and move ahead. 

So starting now, you can expect new information, articles, and program updates here.


Located here in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, WWU has students from all over the world, and alumnx doing great work all over the world! So, this is a global community with a central focus: the WWU Marketing Program. 

While we consider this the hub of information and updates for the WWU Marketing Program, you may also be interested in joining us on our Facebook group Facebook Logoon our LinkedIn group LinkedIn Logo, or following us on Instagram Instagram logo. That’s where a lot of discussion happens! 


The Western Marketing Program is rooted in the great community we have built up over decades of engagement with students and alumni. Thank you for being a part of that! Through this blog, we intend to bring that community together: our dedicated students, our excellent alumnx, and our friends in the wider world. Bringing these elements of the community together gives us all the opportunity to both teach and learn, which is what we’re all about. 

Blogging also carries the benefit of increased visibility on the World Wide Web, helping prospective students find us, and perhaps join our community. 

This Blog also provides space for our students to learn content marketing in a friendly space with an audience of marketers who know what it’s like to learn while doing – something the Western Marketing Program has long been about.

We’re also open to guest blogging so if you would like to share lessons learned from the field of Marketing get in touch and we’ll see how we can share alumni ideas.