Being Involved as an Alumni

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Created by: Ayla Bliss, Ishani Chudasama, and Matthew Olund

The Marketing Journey: A weekly blog update from IMC (Winter 2023)

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Here at the Marketing Journey we have tracked the journey of two different students and their experiences in the Marketing program. But once students graduate, their journey doesn’t have to end with the Marketing department. Alumni are a huge part of our community and we have some resources that can help them continue to succeed in their life.

Your college experience lasts for only a short period of your career. However, you stay an alumni for life. Reconnecting with Western Washington University’s Alumni Association can provide you with the resources to give back to the programs that helped grow your personal success. Giving back does not have to be about finances and donations. There are many other ways that alumni can reconnect. Examples include providing current students with mentorship opportunities, guiding students with their educational careers, and assisting students as they navigate the transition from college into the professional world. 

Reconnecting with the Marketing Program

There are many ways for alumni to get involved within the Marketing Program at Western. First is the WWU Alumni Association. The Alumni Association’s main goal is to strengthen Western through strong and caring relationships which make a difference in students’, alumni, friends’ and the greater community’s lives. The Alumni Association creates a way for alumni to be involved in events such as watch parties, Back 2 Bham and much more. Another resource to utilize to get involved is the Marketing department’s alumni website. This website provides alumni with ways to get involved specifically within the Marketing department such as speaking at a Student Marketing Association meeting. 

WE Connect

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If you are struggling with connecting with other alumni from Western, then WE Connect is a great resource. WE Connect is similar to LinkedIn but is exclusively for Western students and alumni. It allows alumni and students to network, get career advice, job opportunities, and give back to the Western community. To sign up you can either use a Western account or connect your LinkedIn account.

Upcoming Alumni Events

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The Great Puzzle Hunt is another way to get involved! It allows you to meet new people and explore the town of Bellingham. The event is held on April 15 and more information can be found on the website.

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The Back 2 B’ham event is a great way to get reacquainted with both Bellingham and the Western family. The event is held over a weekend on May 19-21, 2023, so make sure to sign-up and book your stay! (sign-up starts April)