Why Choose Marketing At Western?

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Why Marketing Drives Innovation

As a marketer, you are at the forefront of change for your company, and you have to learn to be agile, and move with the ever-changing needs of consumers. Your career will be fast paced and vibrant as each day is different than the next! Learning new and inventive ways to market your product or service to consumers paves the way to innovative thinking and widening your perspective.

Innovative ng concepts are all about conducting market research into customer needs, while also developing a model or change within a company to create a unique market placement. Innovative marketing allows marketers to promote products in unconventional ways, making room for creative growth among the company, and the marketer! 

Western Washington University offers a marketing class dedicated to innovation with the well-established Professor, Bill Miller. This class is new to the Marketing department but is already receiving praise from students for the captivating discussions and ideas being bounced around in the classroom. Innovations is a marketing elective for upperclassman who have finished marketing 381 and 382. Called Marketing 473, This class is perfect for expanding one’s thought process and to help with building one’s intellectual portfolio!

Why Marketing Helps You Understand  People


Marketing brings people meaningful connections and broadens their networking opportunities. As a marketer, you have to be aware of the changing environment of the product or service you’re marketing; this involves knowing your customers and competitors. Creating relationships with consumers is extremely important to understanding what they actually want. Being in the front line of a company means you get to meet amazing people and other great connections throughout different career opportunities. Marketers should always be networking regardless of whether or not they have a job or not. Keeping your network up to date allows for new opportunities to continuously present themselves to you and your career!

Western Washington University offers a class called People and Money with the amazing professor and person, Cat Armstrong- Soule. This class dives into the psychology of people and the way they perceive money and consuming. The class is called Marketing 499 at Western and is perfect for students who enjoy psychology, finance, and of course, marketing!

Why Marketing Teaches you how to Analyze


Numbers, data, and facts are more important than ever in today’s world. With many things uncertain, numbers can help bring some ease. Being able to analyze and interpret data correctly is incredibly important and can set you apart in the job market. There are hundreds of jobs searching for the right candidate who can crunch the numbers, analyze them, and report them in an effective way.
Western’s marketing program has many different classes that specialize in data analytics. One of the most important is Marketing 381. This class is taught by the intelligent and industry trained senior instructor, Dan Purdy. This course is a major requirement and is one of the more challenging courses, but it is extremely rewarding! As someone who has taken the course, I learned so much from being put into a cohort with my fellow marketing students at the beginning of the quarter and we   worked together until the very end. I created lifelong friendships and was able to add real applicable work to my portfolio that certain job prospects have considered very impressive. Be prepared and stand out among your peers and take this class!

Why Marketing Allows you to be Creative and Dynamic

Marketing helps solve problems for consumers but to be able to do that, marketers need to have the ability to think flexibly. Marketers need to be creative in their work to be able to have a holistic mindset of the world around them. Changing cultures and social trends mean marketers need to be agile and dynamic, allowing for growth among it all! Creativity can shape the identity of a brand in consumer eyes and can help the company grow tenfold. A way to be creative in marketing is defining a company’s brand image.

Brand image is how a company defines its values and how its service or good provides that value. Western offers a course all about branding and the creative aspects that branding has on a company. Tejvir Sekhon Is the smart and established professor who teaches marketing 475 (Branding) along with a lot of other classes. Branding is a fascinating course to help students engage in productive discussion and to feel their opinions heard in a very safe environment.

Along with Branding, another course Professor Sekhon teaches that delves into the creative aspect of marketing is Social Media Marketing! This class is all things social media and how to track, engage, and effectively reach your target audience on different social media platforms! This class is offered online for Western Summer quarter and is called Marketing 488 and would be a great class to take over the summer to get ahead in your academic career!