Highlighting Black History Month With Rebecca Drew

Black History Month

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This is a blog highlighting Black History Month at WWU. This blog includes an interview with marketing student Rebecca Drew and how she is incorporating BHM into the WWU marketing program.

Created by: Ayla Bliss, Ishani Chudasama, and Matthew Olund

The Marketing Journey: A weekly blog update from IMC (Winter 2023)

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month

The History of Black History Month

Black History Month first originated as the second week of February in 1926 to honor the contributions that African Americans made to U.S history. This week was chosen because it included the birthday of Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. Eventually, the week-long celebration turned into a month in 1976 by Gerald Ford. He wanted the accomplishments of Black Americans to be celebrated for longer periods of time as they were neglected far too often. Douglas wanted the celebration to also be extended further than just the month of February. 

The Importance of BHM

BHM recognizes the importance of African Americans and their influence on America. There have been many great Black leaders in U.S history that have shaped our culture. Black History Month continues the much needed discussion of the achievements of Black people. 

Who is Rebecca Drew?

Rebecca is a current WWU student pursuing a degree in Marketing. Throughout her career at Western she has become a very accomplished student within the Marketing Department. Her experience in marketing includes, but is not limited to, being Social Media Manager for WWU Marketing and being an officer for the Student Marketing Association. 

When asked about why Rebecca wanted to pursue a career in marketing she stated, 

“My mum was a young entrepreneur and I grew up watching her come up with all these amazing ideas. When my youngest sister became old enough, she was able to make those ideas into reality. So I grew up wanting to be a businesswoman like her. With marketing, I also realized that it allows me the chance to work in a creative field. With the opportunity to work in multiple industries if I please. Lastly, as a child, I grew up in a small town where I stuck out like a sore thumb. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin because I was never shown that being black is beautiful. I figured if I want worldwide representation, one way I could do that is to use my marketing degree to change the world from the inside out.” - Rebecca

Rebecca’s Story

Describe your experience within the WWU Marketing Program?

I grew up in Whatcom County in an environment where diversity was very slim. So it is very normal for me to be here. However, the WWU Marketing Program cares about inclusive excellence and the diversity within the program continues to grow. If you have ever had a conversation with Ed Love, our department chair, you will know how important this strategic goal is to him. His genuine care has inspired a fire in me to include Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in my business foundation.” - RebeccaZ

As Social Media Manager for the WWU Marketing Program what have you done to celebrate Black History Month? 

“I wanted to celebrate Black History Month without tokenizing black students and alumni. I have had this conversation with other minority students before and it’s easy to feel like minority people are being used as a face for diversity without any real intent behind it. So I spent time celebrating black history month the best way I saw how. I emphasized all students getting involved, I promoted the amazing events BSU and BSC held. I think it’s important to get involved in the conversation to make change. I did other things like highlighting black individuals who are shaped by WWU and are shaping the Marketing field. But the thing that I am most excited about was the meeting I had with marketing alumni Brenda Ssaaka. We chatted about what Black History Month means to the two of us. The blog will be coming out on the WWU Marketing LinkedIn this week so make sure to check it out!” - Rebecca

What Can People Do To Support The Black Community?

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Learning More

In order to be aware of Black communities’ achievements and needs, we have to be willing to learn more to better understand their culture. When asked the question about how others can support the Black Community Rebecca says that it is not your friend’s job to inform you about how to support Black communities. It is your job to expand your knowledge surrounding the discussion. 


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Attend Cultural Club Meetings

Western Washington University has many cultural clubs on campus. The Black Student Union (BSU) and the Black Student Coalition (BSC) have held amazing events this past month and are holding more events in the future. Rebecca mentions that going to cultural club meetings are a great opportunity to learn about perspectives outside of your own.



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Continue the Conversation

In her interview, Rebecca also mentioned how we should not just be honoring Black communities during February. Far too often when February turns into March, people forget the purpose of BHM. It is important to keep in mind that we should be celebrating people’s achievement year long regardless of their background. 

Opportunities within WWU Marketing 

Seattle Children’s Theatre and Success Cohorts

Mentors and coaches will work with early-career individuals from historically underrepresented communities to develop a marketing campaign for SCT's 50th anniversary in 2025! You will be provided with opportunities to network, learn, and produce real-life portfolio results for members. If you want to learn more about this fantastic opportunity, you can click the link that will open in a new tab! The application closes on March 20th 2023! SCT & SC Information.

Marketing Student Professional Development and Relief Fund

The Marketing Department strives to have inclusivity amongst their students, and that means they have to support struggling students as well. The intention of the fund is to help students in their academic and professional success. This relief fund is targeted for students that are already accepted in the CBE program. Students can apply for the fund once a quarter.