First Impressions: Developing an Introduction Video

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Post created by Bianca Slamet, Product Manager of AIMC Fall 2022

First impressions are everything...

As marketers, we learn that it is a difficult task to gain awareness, nevertheless retaining your audience. Through the past few years of Social Media’s evolution- with the rise of TikTok, and copycats such as Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts- we have also learned that short-form videos are best at hooking viewers. In comes your short introduction video… your introduction video is a great way to showcase who you are, what your brand is all about, and the services you offer. Those that lurk your website most likely will not stay to click through and read each page of your website that you have meticulously created in detail. You want your introductory video to not only hook in your audience, but also to get as much information in there in the case that they decide to click “x” on their browser.

A Hero’s Unsung Journey:

During the early stages of developing my introductory video, I had the vision to tell my life story. I had it all planned out- a video montage of how I got to where I am academically and professionally. I wanted to be the hero of my story, and show the world (or those who happen to come across my video) the resilience, grit, and perseverance that has gotten me to where I am. I was halfway through editing my video, and then realized- this information was already on my about page and did not showcase the things I could do as a marketer. I decided to scrap that idea- my personal story will be told in a different place and for another time.

This Hero’ is a Marketer and has many tools in her arsenal.

Starting from a clean slate, I thought about my Creative Brief, and how I was positioning myself. So, I looked up “marketing agency introductory videos” on YouTube, and sure- these companies wanted people to know who they are, but most importantly- they wanted people to know what they can do for them

From there, I was inspired and started getting to work. I love editing videos and wanted to showcase that in my video utilizing the brand elements and associations in my creative brief- all the while creating a mini portfolio and resume that was under <1 minute.

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How I did it: While video editing software’s are incredibly powerful, I made the bulk of my video on Canva. My video has a huge jump cut element to it, and with many “sections” I wanted in my video and visual changes, Canva allowed me to easily duplicate slides to edit, add in graphics, and format things the way I wanted. I had a lot of elements on the Canva project, that every time I tried to click play to watch the video and progress that I had done it would buffer (which is why more powerful editing software would work better). But once I had downloaded the video to export, everything turned out fine and the way I wanted.

I hope that this post helps you tell your story and be your own hero!