Connecting Students with Our Older Alumni: Connections Aren’t Always Easy to Make

Connecting Students with Our Older Alumni:

Author: Patrick Taylor


Connections aren’t always easy to make

Connecting with others can be a very challenging thing for most people. The reasons can range from childhood traumas to depression, and even low self-esteem . As the impacts from COVID seem to remain, connecting with others hasn’t gotten any easier.

6 Feet Apart

Some of us may be feeling too isolated, and for some it’s the opposite as they get used to spending more time with their partners at home. Our students are in an unprecedented place, lacking the same support that our past graduate classes have had. Social isolation doesn’t have to be lonely and cut off from the world, it just means we have to work harder to connect. The good news is that there have been some brilliant people around the world coming up with new ways for us to connect. The school has taken part in this by moving most all of our classes to an online world using Canvas and Zoom.

Helping Students Connect with our Alumni

Having access to our older alumni allows students exposure to more real-world workplace experience, especially as they move up in their careers. The current senior class is lacking on mentors and are in search of more alumni to help them as they start their careers in this chaotic time. This opportunity includes viewing some short videos and then giving advice and answering questions for the students at WWU. This allows current students direct access to our older alumni who have been working but can still relate to where they are based on their experiences. Not only is this program beneficial to the students, but it also allows the alumni to network with other alumni making it a win-win!

Each year we reach out to our alumni, but as time goes on that list can seem to get smaller and smaller. As students graduate, they make new emails and stop using their school emails. As you can imagine, the school then doesn’t have the graduates new email address, thus often losing the ongoing connection with them. Even if the school does have the new email, overtime the only connection may be receiving emails asking for money for the school. As much as we appreciate that contribution, what we really want to do is connect our current students with our alumni. There are so many ways beyond just monetary value that you can give back. Your time and interaction are of the strongest value to our senior class.

If you are considering giving back to the future generations, we would love to welcome you. We are continuing our Meet The Professionals event where you can meet with students who may be hoping to land a job at your company after college. You may even have some extra free time due to the pandemic, so what a fun way to spend it! We have also moved our Peer Mentor Program to a remote format. If you would like to join spring session of Meet The Professionals, please email to RSVP for access and the password for the meeting.

Thank you for your interest in helping our future generations here at Western!