The Benefits of Creating a Speaking Explainer Video


Post created by Clay Ashworth, Product Manager (Applied IMC, Fall 2022)


This falls under my efforts of differentiating myself, getting out of my comfort zone, and building confidence. In this blog I’ll talk about the three biggest benefits of creating a speaking explainer video for your personal brand and how it can excel you in your career search.

Listening to Yourself Speak

Many of us fear listening to ourselves speak, including myself. That is until I became a podcast host for our marketing department. The first episode I was so uncomfortable listening to myself and could point out all the criticism. It got better and better each episode. Though it was embarrassing the first video, I learned from it and strayed away from bad habits that I could have been practicing this whole time when talking to potential employers or clients. I saw and heard the improvements in the way I spoke, responded, and sounded when talking to people.

During the summer quarter after hosting a podcast I thought it was appropriate that I proceeded to create an explainer video for my personal brand. After listening to myself host a podcast and practice my explainer video, I improved my speaking and expression skills. In the professional world, it’s crucial that you can speak in interviews, with your team, and other important situations. Listening to yourself speak is one of the most effective and fastest ways to improve your speaking skills.

Differentiating Yourself

Imagine employers receiving hundreds and hundreds of applications for an open position at a company. For the most part, everyone is going to have a typed-out resume displaying education, skills, etc. –– a surface level connection. All of a sudden, the employer comes across your resume website with an explainer video of you speaking about your values and what you can do for them. The gap between you and other candidates is huge, they already know what you look like, how you present yourself, and the passion you have. That’s also a skill some employers may find extremely valuable, to speak in front of a camera. It shows confidence and integrity.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I was the last person who felt comfortable in front of people, a camera, or wherever I had to speak. Summer 2022 I wanted to host our podcast and I knew it was way out of left field for me, but it was going to make me better. I dove in headfirst, and it was sink or swim. I wasn’t the best by any means, but it was a huge confidence booster. I used to be terrified of speaking in front of people and scared to voice my thoughts. Creating the explainer video really got me out of my comfort zone because it’s just me and I’m voluntarily putting the information out there for people to see. That screams confidence! I think many employers see that as an advantage and see a leader.