Western Insights

Western Insights is an online panel series created in response to COVID-19.  The series seeks to provide Western alumni, our students, and community members of the broader region with access to information on current events from the perspective of the academic disciplines of the University.  Speakers in the series are both the University’s own nationally respected subject-matter experts as well as external guests. The series is offered entirely online and is open to everyone.

Sessions are planned in a two to three-week interval on a variety of topics.  Registration will be available one week prior

Upcoming sessions:

12/10 – To Be Announced

Past Sessions:

4/3/20 - Western Insights: The Economic Impacts of Covid-19

4/17/20 - Western Insights: Investing-19, Where We Go From Here

5/8/20 - Western Insights: Supply Chain Management Risk, Disruptions, and COVID-19

5/22/20 - Western Insights: Contending with Covid 19: Taxes,Policy, and Business Uncertainty

6/8/20 - Western Insights: Leadership in Being Open for Business with Covid-19

6/19/20 - Western Insights: Covid-19 and Cross-Border Connections: Implications for the Cascadia Region

8/12/20 - Western Insights: Lessons in Remote Learning

9/18/20 – Regional Economic Impacts and Forecasts

10/2/20 – Regional Employment Expectations

10/16/20 – Accessibility in the Age of COVID

11/6/20 – COVID-19: Travel Industry Implications

12/4/20 – Washington State Economic Forecast and Expectations

1/22 – COVID-19 and Our Road to Recovery

2/5 – National Policy Directions

2/17 – China Relations

3/5 – Time Off Use and Policies

3/19 – Inequality Issues and Concerns

4/30 – Data analytics – leveraging what you already know

6/11 – Attracting the workforce you want (and need)

9/17 – Managing remote workers

10/29 – Economic Forecast