Lucas G Senger

He, Him, Senior Instructor, Underrepresented Student Advisor


Lucas G Senger is a first generation, Latinx, adjunct professor and consultant. In the College of Business and Economics Senger co-designed and instructs the MBA Consulting Capstone across all three tracks of the program, and also teaches in the CBE’s Management department and first year offerings. Prior to joining WWU in 2016, Lucas spent two decades as an organizational leader in creative industry. Senger is co-founder of the creative strategy consultancy Cake Machine, a firm focused on emergent strategy and adaptable business infrastructure development. Senger’s work is driven by developing equitable and effective organizational ecosystems, empowering creativity, centering human focused design, and building adaptable structures for innovation. Lucas is one of two Ashoka Change Leaders at Western, connecting the campus to a global network of change oriented academic institutions. Senger was the recipient of the 2021 Western Washington University Excellence in Diversity Equity and Inclusion Award.


MBA 598 Business Consulting Capstone 1

MBA 599 Business Consulting Capstone 2

MGMT 197A Fundamentals of Business

MGMT 202 Perspectives on Business

FIG Seminar: Business of Music

FIG Seminar: Cultural Entrepreneurship

FIG Seminar: Financial Literacy 1

FIG Seminar: Financial Literacy 2

FIG Seminar: First Generation Pathways CBE

SMNR 197B: Creative Identity and Industry


Faculty advisor to underrepresented students


2021 WWU Equity and Inclusion Achievement Award

WWU Social Justice and Equity Committee | Co-Chair

WWU Structural Equity Team

Faculty Advisor, Black & Brown Male Success Collective

College of Business and Economics AEID Committee

2019 WWU Diversity Achievement Award nominee