Skylar Powell, PhD

He, Him, His, Professor


Skylar Powell received his PhD in International Management from the University of Hawai'i in 2011. He has also completed an MA in management at Durham University (UK) and an MSc in neuroscience at King's College London (UK). Prior to joining the College of Business and Economics in 2013, he spent two years teaching undergraduate and MBA international business courses at the University of Michigan-Flint. In addition to teaching international business and cross-cultural management courses at WWU, he has continuously taught corporate entrepreneurship courses as a visiting lecturer abroad for the past decade. He also served as the conference chair of the 34th annual Association of Japanese Business  Studies conference in 2022, and regularly reviews for numerous top-ranked international business and strategy journals. 

Skylar's research focuses broadly on international strategy and management of multinational enterprises. In particular, his recent research focuses on various aspects of the internalization of foreign operations, innovation, and cross-cultural management. Increasingly, he is also interested in entrepreneurship focused topics and managerial decision making. His research has been published at a number of journals, including Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Management International Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of International ManagementMultinational Business Review, and Personnel Review.

Skylar currently teaches courses on International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and International Entrepreneurship.


PhD, University of Hawai'i

MSc, King's College London (UK)

MA, Durham University (UK)

BSc, Montana State University


Journal Publications:

Powell, K.S., Lim, E., Sass, M. (2024). Multilevel cross-cultural training outcomes and self-enhancement or strategic modesty through self-reported outcomes: A meta-analysis. International Studies of Management & Organization. DOI: 10.1080/00208825.2024.2309419

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Representative Teaching Cases:

Powell, K.S., & Lim, E. 2023. Selling ukulele's to the world. Unpublished international entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management case study used at WWU.

Lim, E. & Powell, K.S. 2018. Leveraging IP at Bandai Namco’s Toys and Hobby SBU. Distributed by: The Case Centre (318-0053-1)

Powell, K.S., & Lim, E. 2015. The Internationalization of Paris Baguette. Distributed by: The Case Centre (315-254-1)