Jason Kanov



Dr. Kanov earned his PhD in (organizational) psychology from the University of Michigan and has been with the CBE since 2007. His research and teaching are firmly rooted in the assumption that people matter, particularly the rank-and-file members of an organization as well as the members of the communities in which organizations exist and operate. They are not resources to be depleted, exploited, or carelessly handled; rather they have the basic right to be "managed" in ways that honor their fundamental dignity and worth as human beings.

Dr. Kanov seeks to understand and to help others understand how organizations can thrive while enriching the lives of their employees and their communities. His research focuses on investigating the dynamics of suffering and compassion in the workplace. He is also interested in understanding everyday moments of person-to-person connection and disconnection as well as the contextual factors that influence those moments. Dr. Kanov's research is published in a range of academic outlets including Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Management Inquiry, Journal of Business Ethics, and Harvard Business Review. He teaches organizational behavior courses on topics including relationship building, negotiation and conflict management, motivation, teamwork, and equity/inclusion/diversity.

His applied work focuses on helping people build and maintain high-quality work relationships. He is a happily married father of two amazing kids. His hobbies include playing/writing music, gardening, and camping.