Fastenal Business Case Competition

WWU's College of Business and Economics recently concluded its annual Fastenal Business Case Competition. Conducted as part of the "OPS 468: Global Supply Chain Strategy" course during the Winter Quarter, this year's competition showcased the talent and dedication of six teams of three students each.

Following the Fastenal Kickoff event on January 22, where the case prompt was introduced, participating teams had ten days to analyze and prepare a 5-minute professional presentation, along with five PowerPoint slides outlining their case solution. The presentations took place in Parks Hall 104, and the judging panel comprised industry experts, including LaDon Smith, Kerrie Scott, Alex Minton, and Frank Foley present in person, and Randy Vis, Julian Pacheco, and Mile Rausch participating online.

The Fastenal Company, headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, stands as the largest fastener distributor in North America. Boasting a broad range of products, including OEM, MRO, construction, industrial, and safety items, Fastenal is renowned for its commitment to customer service and innovative supply solutions.

The case prompt presented to the teams centered around the challenge faced by Fastenal in optimizing its product movement and finding more efficient operational processes. Students were tasked with providing solutions that aligned with the company's goal of achieving growth through enhanced customer service.

The competition culminated in the recognition of three outstanding teams:

  1. First Place ($500): Team 2

    • Michael Broughton
    • Stephanie Martz
    • Kezia Park
  2. Second Place ($300): Team 3

    • Indy Clarke
    • Haley Meyer
    • Renee Rockett
  3. Third Place ($150): Team 6

    • Phu Tran Hoang
    • Bryan Nelson
    • Kyle Velasco

Each winning team demonstrated exemplary problem-solving skills and presented innovative solutions to the Fastenal Case. The awards were handed out in a ceremony attended by the participants, judges, and faculty members.

This marks the second consecutive year that CBE has hosted the Fastenal Business Case Competition, reinforcing the commitment in providing students with practical and real-world challenges. Congratulations to all the participants and winners, and we look forward to witnessing further achievements in the years to come!

First Place winners of the Fastenal Business Case Competition
First Place: Team 2. (Michael Broughton, Stephanie Martz, Kezia Park)
Western Washington University Classroom 2 (L-R: Alex Minton, Kezia Park, Michael Broughton, Stephanie Martz, LaDon Smith, Frank Foley, Peter Haug)
Second Place winners of the Fastenal Business Case Competition
Second Place -  Team 3 (Indy Clarke, Haley Meyer, Renee Rockett)
Western Washington University Classroom 3 (L-R: Alex Minton, Indy Clarke, Haley Meyer, Renee Rockett, LaDon Smith, Frank Foley, Peter Haug)
Third Place winners of the Fastenal Business Case Competition
Third Place - Team 6 (Phu Tran Hoang, Bryan Nelson, Kyle Velasco)
Western Washington University Classroom 4 (L-R: Alex Minton, Bryan Nelson, Kyle Velasco, Phu Tran Hoang, LaDon Smith, Frank Foley, Peter Haug)