CBE Faculty IS Resources


The new faculty information system is currently rolling out to the College of Business and Economics! Workshops and demonstrations will be scheduled for each department over the next few weeks. The new system is designed to be easy to navigate and quick to learn.


  • Tracks and organizes activity information just once
  • Builds reports on teaching, research and service activities
  • Prepares CVs and annual activity reports

Tips for Success

Update your CV/Vita/Resume - Details stored in the former information system are migrating and loading to the new system. Updating your CV/Vita/Resume allows you to check the older records efficiently and then add any new records quickly.

Delegating data entry - If you prefer to delegate the data entry of new activity records to one of our trained users please contact the Digital Measures Team and we will schedule upload of your current CV/Vita/Resume.

Use the Help link - If at any time you have a question or concern please use the Help link in the menu bar to the right of the faculty information site. A member of the Digital Measures Team will respond quickly to address your question.















Digital Measures Project Team

Angela Andreassen - Reporting, Accreditation Process

Racheal Scholler - Data Entry, Training & Roll-Out