MIS 220 Equivalency Exam

MIS 220 Equivalency Exam

The MIS 220 course is a prerequisite for several 300 level classes at CBE and is useful in other classes.  We recommend taking it as soon as possible if you are a pre-major, transfer student, or high credit freshman who plans a major or minor in Business.

The MIS 220 exam is an optional test for students who have intermediate-level Excel skills and feel they already have knowledge from the MIS 220 course.  If you do not plan on majoring or minoring in Business, you do not need to take the exam. Due to COVID19, the department will offer an online version of the equivalency exam.

Exam Requirements

The MIS 220 test-out exam focuses on MS Excel skills. To test out of the course, a student needs to demonstrate a strong skill set with MS Excel.  Due to the comprehensive course content, it is not easy to test out of the MIS 220 course.  While the test results vary from quarter to quarter, on average, approximately 20% of the students who have attempted the test-out exam during recent quarters have passed the exam.

  • To pass, a student needs a score of 80% on BOTH individual parts of the exam.

  • The online exam is to be completed in 2 hours.

  • The exam may be taken only ONCE PER REGISTRATION CYCLE.

  • The equivalency exam meets the prerequisite requirement for courses that require MIS 220.  Students do NOT receive academic credit for MIS 220.

  • Before signing up for the exam, review the intermediate skills tested in the MIS 220 Overview & Excel Skills document. PDF icon MIS 220-Excel Skills_2021-22.pdf

Important information about the Online Exam Format: 

  • There is an approximate $35 fee due at time of test.

  • The test is completed online in MyITLab.

  • Part of the test is done in an Excel simulation, and part is done by downloading a file and uploading the completed file for grading.

  • You MUST have a reliable internet connection for the entire exam.

Exam Schedule:

MIS 220 test-out exams are scheduled during registration periods. When new exams have been scheduled, their dates/times will be listed below.

Fall 2021 Registration Cycle Online Exam Dates: 

Upcoming Exam Dates: 

  • Tuesday, September 21 from 6 pm - 8 pm
    • Sign-up Deadline Sunday, September 19 at 5:00 pm

Exam Sign-Up:  Fall Registration Cycle: MIS 220 Exam

Department Contact Information

Michelle Stach, Department Manager
Department of Decision Sciences
Office: Parks Hall 343
Phone: 360-650-3275
Email: Michelle.Stach@wwu.edu