Business Administration Minor

Business Administration Minor

The business administration minor consists of ten courses, 40 credits, that provide an introduction to finance, marketing, accounting, business law, management, statistics, and business algebra. These courses cover the functional areas of business and provide the student with a solid foundation of business knowledge. These courses teach the language and basic theories of business.



The business administration minor provides students with a basic understanding of the business professions as well as the environment in which business operates. The business administration minor introduces students to accounting, economics, business law, management, finance, marketing and business statistics.

Business Administration Minor Planning Sheet.

Please note:

CBE is implementing application deadlines for all majors and minors excluding Economics beginning winter quarter 2017.

Admission and Declaration Process

Students can declare the minor by completing the online Declaration of CBE Minor form via the College of Business and Economic's website.

How to Apply for a Minor Evaluation for Graduation

Students ready to graduate need to obtain a Business Administration Minor Evaluation from either the Department of Decision Sciences, Finance/Marketing or Management and submit to the Registrar's office along with your major evaluation and graduation application.  Students can find a copy of the BA minor evaluation request form outside departments offices or via the CBE forms page BA Minor Evaluation Request Form.

Required Courses

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major or minor courses, and supporting courses for majors and minors.

Business Administration Minor in the Admission's Catalogue.